How does solar power work in NSW?

A solar system produces clean energy from the sun to help you save money on your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power is fed into your home to power everything that is connected to mains power.

If you don’t use the solar power as it is generated, it is automatically fed out to the grid and you may be paid a feed-in tariff by your energy retailer (this is paid as a credit on your power bill). If you are using more power than the solar system is generating you will automatically buy power from the grid at your contracted rates.

To get the most benefit from solar power, you should use most or all of the solar power at the time it is generated. To do this requires some analysis of your current and future usage patterns – as well as preferably some knowledge about how solar power works.

For more detailed information check out our solar power guide, or our page with detailed information about residential solar power.

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