How Many Solar Systems Are There In Australia?

Price of Solar Power NSWThe number of solar systems in Australian just reached a major milestone.

According to Kane Thornton, the chief executive of the Clean Energy Council, an estimated average of 6 panels per minute are being installed in small-scale solar projects across the country, and a still-rising 8.1% of the National Electricity Market’s energy came from solar. The growth of solar power isn’t up for debate, and more and more Aussies are using it to secure their futures. Just how many, you ask?

More than 2 million so far—and the number is expected to grow to 3 million in the next 4 years if the current rates of installation are maintained.

And it’s not just the number of systems out there that is growing. With battery storage becoming a more accessible option and more electric cars on the road, people are deciding to buy larger solar power systems with integrated battery storage. The first million systems installed in Australia has a capacity of approximately 2.4 gigawatts, while the second million has 5.6.

Queensland and South Australia are neck and neck when it comes to the percentage of solar-equipped homes. The Sunshine State boasts a total approaching 600,000 systems, amounting to 30% of all households, while SA’s 240,000 represents 31% of homes. Western Australia comes in 3rd (26%) while the other states and territories lag behind with 13-15% each, producing an overall national figure of 20%.

Why are so many people installing solar? There are a number of answers—among the most common is that solar’s ‘free’ energy provides a much-needed safe haven from skyrocketing power bills. A quality 5kW system (ideal for medium-sized households) start at around $5,500 fully installed, or even less if your state offers an additional rebate (eligible Victorians can currently get up to $2,225 off their systems). Depending on your power costs, a system like this can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years.

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