How much can you save with a sonnenBatterie?

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With electricity prices soaring yet again in NSW this July, households will be slugged almost 20% extra for the price of electricity. In NSW the average household should expect to pay approximately $319.00 extra per year on their bill.

More Australians than ever before are taking matters into their own hands and installing solar power systems with battery storage. Installing a sonnenBatterie can result in immediate savings on your power bills to the point where many Solaray customers no longer pay for their electricity!

The sonnenBatterie captures excess energy your solar PV system produces during the day that would otherwise be sent to the grid, and Sonnen’s new sonnenFlat community allows households to say goodbye to the traditional power bill.

Sonnen’s solar battery is designed to work with all existing solar power systems and is incremental in design. This means the battery can be sized to match your energy usage patterns with a capacity of 4 kWh to 16 kWh.

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How Much Will I Save With the sonnenBatterie?

Savings will differ greatly depending on your individual circumstances, including the size of your solar system and the size of your sonnenBatterie.

A 10 kWh sonnenBatterie coupled with a 10kW solar system could expect to save your household approximately $4,000 in the first year from the date of installation. Over the following 20 years, the system could save the household approximately $104,000!

These calculations are based on a cost/kWh of $0.28, with a yearly household consumption of 16,000 kWh. (Figures are rounded and take into consideration a 3% price increase to the cost of electricity each year for the duration of the calculation).

If your electricity demands increased in the future, the sonnenBatterie can be expanded by increments of 2 kWh, allowing your solar storage system to grow with your energy usage over time.

Savings with sonnenBatterie – Based on PV & battery size

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