How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost In Melbourne, Victoria?

UPDATE: The Victorian Solar Battery Rebate program was amended after this Post was published, whereby it is now limited to a small number of postcodes

Check here for further details: What’s going on with the Victorian Solar Rebate?

How Much Do Solar Batteries Cost In Melbourne, Victoria?

With the Victorian Government announcing a $4839 rebate for homes in Victoria, the price of solar batteries is about to get really exciting.

How much does it cost to install a solar battery in your Melbourne home or business, and will it really save you money?

Solar batteries are the hottest thing on the market at the moment. Having the ability to store solar power for when the sun isn’t shining makes it possible to run your home on solar power throughout the day and night, no longer needing to rely on the grid for most of the time.

As Australian electricity prices climb, it’s no wonder we’ve been installing a lot of them!

Battery Storage: The return on your investment

solar power installer newcastlePowerwall 2 is Australia’s most popular battery from Tesla. It’s a sleek gadget with a new-car finish that sits snugly against your wall and can be controlled from the equally slick My Tesla app on your phone. It’ll currently cost you roughly $14,000 or around $300 a month over 30 months.

With the new Solar Storage rebate, you will now be able to claim a $4839 rebate from Solar Victoria, making battery storage a much more affordable option for households looking to maximise their energy independence.

Tesla Powerwall also comes with full backup capability in case the grid goes down. These batteries are also available bundled with new solar systems if you don’t yet have yours.

How much solar storage is the best value for your home or business is something we can help you figure out. Our spreadsheets and analysis include enough detail to give accurate estimates of your potential savings. For a free quote, get in touch today!

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