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How Much Does the sonnenBatterie Cost?

The sonnenBatterie is an intelligent solution to the rising cost of electricity, allowing you to essentially run your home or business on solar power 24 hours a day. The price of a sonnenBatterie starts at under $10,000 and varies depending on how much capacity you need. The more capacity you buy, the cheaper it is per kWh. The Solaray Team are experts at accurately sizing up your solar storage solution to ensure you get the best value from your system.

Solaray has Sydney’s best prices on the Sonnen Battery Storage System, and our installations include free technical support plus we service full-replacement warranties. The sonnenBatterie with 8 kWh of capacity starts at a little over $13,000 fully installed, with additional 2 kWh blocks costing under $2,000 each. Solaray currently has fantastic solar + sonnen package deals available if you want to add additional panels to an existing solar power system or you want to combine a new solar system with battery storage.

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As of July 2017, rising wholesale electricity prices have resulted in yet another power increase for households and business across NSW. Consumers will pay up to an additional 20% for electricity, with the average household set to be slugged an extra $319 per year. With no solution in sight, Australians are taking matters into their own hands by installing solar power with battery storage.

The Price of a sonnenBatterie

The price of a battery storage system from Sonnen will depend on a number of factors:

  1. Capacity. The capacity of your battery will be matched to the energy usage patterns of your household. A battery with a smaller capacity will cost more per kWh than a larger battery, and most Solaray customers are installing between 6 kWh to 14 kWh
  2. Whether you are retrofitting or installing with a new solar system
  3. Whether you choose to be part of the sonnenFlat community
  4. The amount of solar power production and your personal consumption (running costs)

Your sonnenBatterie and solar power system should cover approximately 70-80% of your power requirements. The table below illustrates some savings a household would expect to see after installing a sonnenBatterie with the appropriately sized PV system.

sonnenbatterie-cost savings table

How Much Can You Save With The sonnenBatterie

Solar power is fed into your home to directly reduce your power bill. Any excess solar power can also be stored in a battery to use when the sun isn’t shining. By using solar power rather than buying electricity from the grid, your savings ultimately depend on the rate you currently pay for your electricity.

sonnenBatterie will start saving you money from the moment it is installed, and so the sooner you take action the sooner you can be saving money.

Solar battery technology has reached a stage where the payback period makes the sonnenBatterie an economically viable option. Sonnen’s technology is both proven and reliable with an industry leading 10-year or 10,000 cycle warranty.

The considerations above do not factor in sonnenFlat, which will reduce the ongoing running cost of electricity to $0 after one small monthly fee is paid.

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Enjoy further savings by joining the sonnenFlat community

If you choose to purchase a sonnenBatterie 8kWh – 12kWh, you will qualify for sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat can save you more than the above calculations for your ongoing electricity usage. Joining sonnenFlat means you pay one small fee and then pay $0 for your electricity.

The table below illustrates which sonnenFlat package would be most applicable to your household.

Note: sonnenFlat spaces are limited to the first 2,000 customers and rates may increase thereafter. Be quick to secure these prices while they last.   

sonnenFlat 8 sonnenFlat 10 sonnenFlat 12
Minimum solar (kW) 5.0 7.5 10.0
sonnenBatterie eco 8kWh 10kWh 12kWh
Monthly fee $30 $40 $50
Annual spend $360 $480 $600
Consumption allowance in kWh 7500 10000 12500

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