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How much does a sonnenBatterie cost?

As of July 2017, electricity wholesale prices have resulted in yet another power increase for households and business across NSW. Consumers will pay an additional 20% increase for the same level of usage compared to previously. The average consumer will now pay an extra $319 per year for the same existing service.

The sonnenBatterie eco 8 is a solution to rising costs and will save you substantial money in the short term, and massive savings long term.

The largest contributing factor to the price of the sonnenBatterie is the quality of product. The sonnenBatterie is a premium top of the line battery with industry leading features including;  monitoring software which requires no learning to use and enhances the consumers experience with the ability for incredible levels of autonomy. For a comprehensive list of benefits visit our sonnenBatterie product page.

For a brief comparison, look to a similarly placed product; Tesla’s Powerwall 2 which has a capacity of 13.6kWh standard, and retails between $12,000-13,000AUD fully installed. sonnenBatterie differentiates through high flexibility, offering an extensive range of options between 2kWh-16kWh capacities (with the ability to upgrade in 2kWh steps down the track). Determining a definitive price for such an extensive range is hence quite difficult, especially when factoring in the size of your system, future proofing and rising electricity costs.

How much does a sonnenBatterie cost will depend on many factors including;

  1. The correct size battery your house requires (2kWh-16kWh). A battery with a smaller capacity will cost more per kWh than a larger battery relative as the larger the battery the less you pay per kWh for storage capacity.
  2. Whether you are retrofitting or installing with a new solar system.
  3. Whether you choose to be part of the sonnenFlat community
  4. Your own PV production output and personal consumption (running costs)

Your sonnenBatterie and PV system should cover you for approximately 70-80% of your power requirements. The table below illustrates some savings a consumer would expect to see running a sonnenBatterie with the appropriately sized PV system.

sonnenbatterie-cost savings table
sonnenBatterie Modules

         see sonnenBatterie eco 8 incremental design – 2kWh modular design 

Your savings with sonnenBatterie and ultimately the rate you pay for electricity are the biggest factors to consider. sonnenBatterie will yield the best returns the sooner you take action. Solar battery technology has reached a stage where the payback period makes the sonnenBatterie an economically viable option. sonnen’s technology is both proven and reliable with an industry leading 10-year or 10,000 cycle warranty.

The considerations above did not factor in sonnenFlat which will reduce the ongoing running cost of electricity to $0 after one small annual fee is paid. To understand the enormity of this proposition, look at your last 4 electricity bills and replace that figure with an absolute maximum of $600! (maximum yearly sonnenFlat fee with the highest tier package – see below for details).

For an accurate price for the sonnenBatterie, including installation please contact our Solaray experts who will correctly identify your ideal size and storage needs.

Enjoy further savings by joining the sonnenFlat community

If you choose to purchase a sonnenBatterie 8kWh, 10kWh or a 12kWh you will qualify for sonnenFlat. sonnenFlat can save you more than the above calculations for your ongoing electricity usage costs. Joining sonnenFlat means you pay one fee (either monthly or yearly) the pay no additional fees for electricity.

The table below illustrates which sonnenFlat package would be most applicable to your lifestyle. The table shows the maximum usage in kWh you receive with each package which ensures you never pay more than one flat fee.

Note: sonnenFlat spaces are limited to the first 2,000 customers and rates may increase thereafter. Be quick to secure these prices while they last.   

sonnenFlat 8 sonnenFlat 10 sonnenFlat 12
Minimum solar (kW) 5.0 7.5 10.0
sonnenBatterie eco 8kWh 10kWh 12kWh
Monthly fee $30 $40 $50
Annual spend $360 $480 $600
Consumption allowance in kWh 7500 10000 12500

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