How Much Power Can I Get From A 10kW Solar System In Sydney? (Video)

What is the output of a 10kW Solar System In Sydney?

So here’s the average daily output of a 10kW system in Sydney:

As a ballpark number, the average output of a 10kW system in Sydney is 40kWh, which you can see on the graph as a faint gray line. So a system in Sydney does four times its size on an average day, and in Melbourne, it’s 3.6.

However, as you can see there’s a really big difference between summer and winter.

In the winter you can expect around 25kWh hours, but again though, that’s still an average, because it’s gonna do more on a sunny day and less on a really wet day compared to that month’s average.

You can see in summer it does much more, up over 50kWh hours a day.

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