How Solaray Customers Save Even More Money With Battery Storage & Evergen

Deciding to include battery storage with your solar system allows you to take back control of your energy usage. We have many customers that go months at a time without needing to use the power grid. This means greater independence, and of course, much lower power bills.

In 2021, all Solaray customers that install a Tesla Powerwall get free access to the Evergen Control system that further enhances the benefit of battery storage, and it’s turning out to be a game-changer with customers enjoying useful insights into how their system operates and increased savings on their power bill.

How does Evergen’s Intelligent Control work? 

Evergen software was developed in partnership with the CSIRO and connects to your solar and battery. Using a cloud-based algorithm, this energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to optimise your system’s performance.

By taking 42 separate factors into account such as the weather forecast, the electricity demand profile of the premise, the tariff structure and battery characteristics (to name a few), Evergen will maximise the benefit of your system.

Tesla Powerwall Review SydneyHow much money can I save with Evergen? 

On average, Evergen will save you a further 26.4% on top of the existing savings that you already get from the Tesla Powerwall. Evergen’s Intelligent Energy Control software delivers an average of 80% savings on your energy consumption charges from day one.

Will a Tesla Powerwall power my entire home? 

Tesla Powerwall will power everything in your home that is on the main phase of your house. This typically means everything except off-peak hot water if you have that on a separate phase. Your home will run on solar power during the day, while any excess solar power is used to charge your battery. At night, you will run on battery power first, with the power grid acting as a backup when needed.

If you use more power than what is being supplied from the solar or the battery at any one time, the grid will cover this usage automatically.

Typically, the most cost-effective way to power your home is with a mix of solar, storage and the grid, and so to minimise your costs Evergen will switch automatically between the three energy sources throughout the day and night.

I already have solar panels. Is it easy to retrofit a Tesla Powerwall?

Yes, adding a Tesla Powerwall to your existing solar installation is a common thing to do. We will connect the Tesla Powerwall directly into your meter board so you don’t need to worry about having a compatible solar inverter – all systems are compatible. Solaray will install a new battery unit to the AC side of your electricity meter box without touching your existing solar installation. By connecting the battery in that way, you can preserve any warranties you have with your existing solar installation. The Evergen management system is then connected to your battery online. 

How long does a solar battery last? 

The Tesla Powerwall comes with a 10-year warranty. Evergen’s technology, developed in partnership with the CSIRO is designed specifically to maximise the useful life of the battery far beyond the warranty period. 

Is there an option to sell energy back to the grid? 

Yes. Any energy produced by your solar panels that is not needed to power your home or charge the batteries can be exported (or sold) to the grid. Your electricity retailer will be able to provide you with the specific amount that you receive for grid exports, known as your Feed-in Tariff. As feed-in tariffs are currently shrinking, it is making more and more sense to install battery storage to use excess solar power at night rather than sending it to the grid.

Can the batteries be installed outdoors? 

Yes, Tesla Powerwall can be installed outside. We will typically install a battery near the meter board, or in the garage. We need to connect the battery to the meter board so planning a cable run is an important part of the installation. We will talk to you about this as a part of our install planning as there are a few things to cover off, and the Solaray Team will happily answer any questions about a potential installation. Call us on 1300 525 451, or request a callback using the form below.

Can the Tesla Powerwall with Evergen provide backup power in case of a blackout? 

Yes. As a part of your installation, we will discuss which circuits in your home you want to backup so that they work in a blackout. Typically, this would include things such as the modem, lights, a few power points, the fridge and the freezer. We don’t recommend providing backup power for things that use a lot of electricity such as pool pumps and air conditioners, as they drain the battery very quickly.

While this will not power your entire home during a blackout, it can provide power for your most essential items while you wait for grid power to be restored.

What is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and how does it work? 

A VPP is formed when a set of de-centralised batteries are linked and operated by a single, centralised control system. This allows network operators, the ability to explore how VPP’s can enable the grid to be managed more flexibly. If you have a battery optimised by Evergen’s Intelligent Control software, you can opt into a VPP.

Once you opt-in, your network operators or energy retailer will send signals, known as dispatches, to your batteries via Evergen’s software which will allow you to trial and investigate the different ways the VPP interacts with the grid.

These signals request your battery to export stored energy back into the grid when need. With your permission, Evergen can even adjust your electricity use (like air conditioners or pool pumps). By being part of a VPP, you will be paid by Evergen or your energy retailer when your excess power is dispatched, which allows you to save more money and share excess clean power with the system as a whole. 

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