Installing Australia’s First Enphase AC Batteries

Since taking delivery of our first shipment of Enphase AC Batteries in 2016, our install teams have been kept busy thanks to higher than expected demand from both new and existing Solaray customers. Solaray is currently the largest installer of Enphase storage systems in NSW and our experience of working with Enphase over several years has resulted in the smooth roll out of what is revolutionary technology. Having recognised the important role battery storage will play in the growth of renewable energy in Australia, Solaray has invested heavily in training our staff to ensure that we lead the solar industry with safe and professional installation standards.

We are finding the average solar household is installing between 2-5 Enphase batteries to store excess solar power that can then be used during the evening. We have installed as many as 12 batteries for a single home.

The first wave of households that installed Enphase batteries included retirees who want better control of their energy bills as electricity prices have risen once again this year. We are also seeing families opting for greater energy independence, choosing to power their home on solar power rather than from fossil fuels. With the right sized solar storage system, it is now possible to run a family home almost entirely on solar power, something our customers are really excited about.

As our Enphase Storage portfolio grows, we are now seeing just how flexible an Enphase AC Battery installation can be. As these pictures illustrate, the modular design of the Enphase batteries gives our system designers great flexibility to work within the space confines of a home.

5 Enphase Batteries Installed GlenbrookThe feedback we’ve had from homeowners centres around the sleek design of the Enphase AC Battery and its user-friendly app, Enlighten. They love being able to fit a row of batteries on a previously unused garage wall and being able to monitor their solar generation, home energy consumption and the energy that is stored in the battery all on their smartphone. The technology that comes with an Enphase system is what truly sets it apart from anything else on the market today.

As an installer, what sets Enphase apart is the ease of installing the Enphase AC Battery. The plug and play design of an Enphase battery means it can be installed onto the mounting kit in a matter of minutes, and with no heavy lifting, it is a completely different install compared to other large solar batteries. This leaves our installers with more time between jobs and a happy installer is a better installer all around.

We are excited to see how the Enphase software develops over the coming years. With the potential for third party integration using the Enphase developer’s API, we are expecting home automation to become a key feature of an Enphase Storage System. This is something our customers have been asking about for many years now, and with feed-in tariffs remaining at around 5 to 8 cents a kWh it would be an absolute game-changer if households could automatically feed excess solar power into underfloor heating, pool pumps and air conditioners.

With the successful rollout of the AC battery, Enphase has found a great niche in the market and have backed that up with industry-leading software and customer support. Our solar customers are finding value in adding a battery or two to their solar system and we expect this market to grow over the years ahead.

For more information and pricing on an Enphase Solar Storage system, please call the Solaray team on 1300 525 451 or click here to request a callback.

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