Is There An Income Limit For The Solar Rebate? (Video)

Is there an income limit for the solar rebate?

So there are two different rebates. The first one is the federal rebate, which comes off the purchase price automatically. With the Federal rebate, the larger the system, the larger the rebate, or to be more specific, it’s the size of the panel’s array, not the inverter.

So if you’ve got a 6.6 kW panel array with a five kW inverter, you’ll get the rebate on the 6.6kW worth of panels.

There’s no income limit or anything like that for this rebate because it’s more associated with the house than it is with the homeowner. If you move, for example, nothing happens to the rebate, the system just stays on the house, and new owners come in and get the benefit of the system.

With the solar rebate in Victoria, through Solar Victoria, at the moment the rebate is $1,400 and, yes, this one has an income limit.

It’s $180,000 total for the household. So if you’ve got the two of you working, you need to have your taxable income under $180,000.

On top of that, your home needs to be less than $3 million in value. There are actually more eligibility criteria that you need to meet to be able to get the additional rebate in Victoria, but importantly as well, the battery rebate is actually quite a lot more than the solar rebate, and you can only claim 1 rebate from Solar Victoria.

So if you’re thinking about getting battery storage, it makes more sense to get the battery rebate and not the solar rebate.

It’s not too confusing, but there are a few steps that we like to go through, so for more information definitely give the Solaray Team a call on 1300 525 451 and we can help you decide what will be best for your household.

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