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  1. If you send 2KW to the grid, you are only getting the feed in tarrif. So we are still paying 30 cents, but getting only 11 cents for the 2 KW feed in, how do they cancel each other out?

    1. Hi Charles, so the idea is: if you send 2kW to the grid on one phase, but buy power from the grid on another phase, the meter cancels the two out. So you don’t get paid a feed-in tariff nor do you buy the power on the other phase. The meter reconciles the three phases.

  2. Hello,
    I am trying to come to grips with a single phase inverter on a 4.5 kW system and how the Smart Meter is supposed to do this cancelling bit but my daily usage rate has not varied very much since back in 2009 when I didn’t have any solar at all, it has reduce a tiny bit but I put that down to newer appliances I have purchased as well as LED globes and tubes,I have read that some so called Smart Meters can be programmed as the other chap has stated, I would like to hear your views on this and also a solar installer friend has told me the single phase inverter on a 3 phase system is not very efficient at all.

  3. We are considering upgrading our solar. We have an existing 1.5kw inverter with 8 panels. Our house has three phase power. The existing inverter is connected to phaseA. We have been recommended a second 5kw single phase inverter with 24 panels. Some installs have advised connecting both inverters to phaseA, others have advised connecting the second new inverter to phaseB. Which advice is correct?

    1. Hi Cameron, please call us on 1300 221 586 so we can ask a few questions and then provide the right advice.

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