Living Without A Power Bill With Tesla Powerwall 2 – Angela’s Story

Solaray customer Angela has been living easy now that powering her home is entirely free. For the last year, Angela’s home has been 96% powered by solar panels and a Solaray Energy installed Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery.

Living Without A Power Bill Thanks To Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery Storage

Powering the home in 2018 used to cost her $2400, but in the months after combining her solar panels with a new Tesla Powerwall home battery, her power bill has dropped to below $0. This means her power retailer is, in fact, giving her a credit every quarter for the energy she’s contributed back to the grid. 

“My power bill used to be $600 per quarter, the last bill I got was a credit of $40. I’m sure the next bill will be even better since it’s summer.”

Angela’s Tesla Powerwall was installed at a good time, since power prices have continued to rise to record levels into 2020. 

The even more remarkable fact is that Angela managed to reduce her power bill without cutting down on her electricity usage. In her living room when we talked to her, there was an air conditioner running and the standard home appliances were all running.

“Today, I did 2 dryer sessions and 3 washing sessions. I don’t skimp at all.”

Protected From Blackouts

During the installation, Solaray Energy installers simulated a blackout situation for Angela. Her home was up and running, and she could still use amenities like fridge, hot water, oven, phone chargers and her computer. 

“When the installation happened, part of the sign over process was to show me what it would be like in a blackout. And of course, nothing happened, everything kept running.”

When asked what mattered to her most about the backup during a blackout, Angela remarked that her food defrosting in the fridge would be an issue but her most important appliance was the kettle!

“The biggest one for me is the kettle, I love to have a cup of tea! My children would probably argue that they need every powerpoint to charge their devices [laughs] but for me, the kettle is the most important thing.”

Becoming Self-Sufficient With Solar and Storage

Producing more than enough energy to power her home came as a surprise to Angela. 

“No-one actually said to me that I would get to 99% (self-sufficient). And I think on a yearly average… I’m on 96% self-sufficient every day, but you get rainy days and that brings the average a little bit down. Really, in the last 2-3 months, it’s been 99% every day.”

“I think I am actually 100% self-sufficient, but it could be the energy company actually takes 1% or something like that. I’m never 100% for some weird reason.

“It’s exceeded my expectations, I never expected to be 99% self-generating for my electricity.”

Helping Mother Nature

Angela, who also wants to help the environment, couldn’t be happier with the impact of Powerwall on mother nature. Since acquiring the Powerwall she no longer needs to rely on the grid, which is mainly electricity generated from coal and gas. Powering your home from solar power is the single biggest thing a household can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

“This is no surprise to anyone, we’re putting big pressure on Mother Earth, and I really feel like you have to start with yourself.”

“Yes, I am contributing energy back to the grid, probably on a smaller scale, but still, I’m doing something. And if anyone can do the same then together we can really make a difference.”

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