SolarEdge Systems For Three Phase Homes

The Three Phase SolarEdge Inverter

The SolarEdge Three Phase inverter is available for 5kW to 10kW panel arrays. Packed with the latest technology, three phase SolarEdge systems are smarter, safer and ready for the future with home automation functionality and full solar battery storage compatibility.

The Three Phase SolarEdge inverter range is the lightest in its class with a superior efficiency of 98%, with built-in panel level monitoring, a wireless internet connection, and fully certified for both outdoor and indoor installations.

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SolarEdge Systems from 6kW up to 10kW – System Design Info.

A growing number of Three Phase SolarEdge systems are now supersized; featuring an oversized panel array to increase system efficiency, output, and performance.

A SolarEdge system can be oversized by around 30%, which means that on an 8kW SolarEdge Inverter, we can install a panel array of up to around 10kW.

By supersizing the panel array, your design team are able to maximise system efficiency, as the system reaches its maximum output sooner and then stays there for longer. By adding additional solar panels to a SolarEdge inverter, your system will generate more power in the morning, reach maximum output sooner, work at maximum output for longer and produce more power later into the afternoon. The downside is that on the best days of the year, the system’s output will be slightly clipped for a short period of time (less than 1% of the time). Hence, by adding panels to your SolarEdge System, we can significantly increase system output and distribute this output more evenly across the day.

In winter and on days when the weather is not ideal for solar, over-sizing the inverter will give you more power across the day as the output will typically not be clipped as illustrated below:

Find out more about Supersizing your SolarEdge System 

On the days where some clipping does occur, the loss is, for the most part, made up by the fact that you have more panels outputting more power in the morning and during the afternoon. Furthermore, the STC government rebate is based on the size of the panel array, not the inverter, so the price of the additional panels is significantly offset by the increased government rebate.

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  1. Tony

    Can someone tell me how much my electricity bill will be reduced by installing? 10% , 50 % , 90 % ??? approx
    we live in the southern highlands at Bundanoon NSW on a 20 acre farm.How much can be saved please ? and the cost to install? thanks

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