Q Cells Solar Warranty

Q Cells Solar Warranty

Industry Leading Polycrystalline Module Warranties

q-cells-warranty12 years limited product warranty

– For material defects or processing defects
– HOT-SPOT PROTECT and Anti PID Technology1

25 years limited linear performance warranty

– minimal nominal rated power during first year at least 97 %,
– deviation from the specified minimum power output will not exceed 0.6 % p.a.,
– minimal nominal rated power at 25 years at least 83 %.

1 HOT-SPOT PROTECT: The modules are safe against backside destruction caused by Hot-Spot effects due to partial shading of modules. ANTI PID Technology: The modules are safe against potential-induced degradation in accordance to the test criteria: cells at -1000 V against grounded, with conductive metal foil covered module surface, 25 °C, 168 h (TÜV test conditions)

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