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Q Cells Solar Panels

Solaray is one of the most experienced installers of Q Cells panels in Australia, and we recommend you look at the Q.Pro range if you want top of the range modules from one of the world’s leading panel manufacturers.

Q Cells is one of the leading brands in Europe with a passion for research and development of their technology. Since the company was established in 1999 there has been a strong focus on quality as this is the best warranty possible.

This industry-leading commitment to quality means a higher output of power in all weather conditions, safety and an increased reliability and strength in extreme weather conditions.

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Q Cells German Made Solar Panels

1. Research

In Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany, Hanwha Q CELLS operates an accredited testing laboratory and the largest R&D centre in the industry with more than 200 engineers and scientists. Since 1999, Hanwha Q CELLS has launched numerous innovations that have become industry standards: the 6-inch solar cell, the 3-busbar layout, and the full-square monocrystalline cell.

Hanwha Q CELLS operates one of the biggest module testing facilities globally with 16 climate chambers and test laboratories for all relevant stress tests.

2. Technology

Q Cell’s research has turned Hanwha Q CELLS into the industry‘s technology leader with the highest power classes and cutting-edge technology. Q Cells were the first to develop a solution for common module problems such as Hot-Spots and potential-induced degradation (PID).

Q CELLS is synonymous with German Engineering and the skill of developing high-quality solar PV solutions. The Q CELLS Triple Yield Security guarantees peace of mind regarding PID, Hot-Spots and forgery. The Q CELLS Q.ANTUM cell technology with efficiencies of up to 19.5 % proves that we took the next step to a high performance AND cost-effective cell generation.


3. Quality is the best warranty

Providing a warranty is one thing, delivering performance is another – especially when considering that solar PV systems operate for at least 25 years. Despite the best warranty conditions, a solar PV system will turn into a nightmare if modules need to be replaced on a regular basis.

The production of Q CELLS cells and modules is fully-automated. That way, we can ensure 100 % quality control – in Germany, in Malaysia and other locations. IEC test criteria are not enough. In our own module testing centre we apply criteria 2-3 times harder than IEC.

Together with the VDE Institute, we implemented the most comprehensive quality program of the industry – Quality Tested. For the first time, retesting is mandatory.

4. Top performing panels in all weather conditions

The Q.PRO solar modules outperform their competition and come out as the No. 1 poly-crystalline module in the 2013 PHOTON module yield measurement test. The Q.PRO-G2 235 Wp modules have been the top-performing poly-crystalline modules of 151 different PV modules from 119 manufacturers.

Q Cells have been the top performing panel in the Alice Springs Desert Knowledge Centre for 2 years.

5. Durable panels for all weather events

At James Cook University’s Cyclone Testing Station in Queensland, Q Cells Q.PRO and Q.PEAK modules were subjected to two types of tests to determine their strength: a static and a dynamic test. The first applies increasing pressure onto the back of a module until it breaks, while the second simulates the effects of dynamic loads by alternately pushing and releasing pressure onto the back of a module with increasing pressure.