September Solar Installations Equal Record 180MW

Rooftop solar installations in September equalled the monthly record, with 180MW added across Australia.

That’s according to the latest SunWiz data reported by RenewEconomy. And in an upset for the books, NSW beat out Queensland for line honours as the country’s strongest market.

Small-scale solar means any installation up to 100 kW.

So far in 2019, installations are up 40% on last year. Total rooftop solar installed across Australia in 2018 was 1,550 MW.

The amount of rooftop solar installations under 100 kW in Australia is now 9.5G W, across 2.2 million dwellings and business rooftops.

NSW leads solar installations

Here’s how the top six states are faring in the year to date for small-scale solar installations:

  • NSW 49 MW
  • QLD 48 MW
  • VIC 34 MW
  • WA 21 MW
  • SA 20 MW

In terms of renewable energy, however, Tasmania leaves the other states in its wake. With a huge amount of hydroelectric storage and generation, the Apple Isle is close to 100% renewable electricity. In 2018, 95.9% of its generation came from renewables, mainly hydro.

In addition, plans to turn Tasmania into the Battery of the Nation will see it play an important role in storing mainland solar and wind-generated electricity. A second submarine interconnector to the mainland will allow Tassie to use its pumped hydro storage to store mainland electricity and return it as needed.

Selecting a rooftop solar PV system

Despite the boom in rooftop solar, there are still lots of questions about what size or brand of solar system a business or household should get. Disinformation, some of it spread by the solar industry itself, makes it hard for the average person to understand the complexities of the debate.

But the answer is simple: just get the solar system you need.

The way to find out which solar panel system is best for your home or business is to do your homework. It means looking at your electricity consumption pattern — how much you use and at what times of the day. It means thinking about whether you need a battery, or an electric car charging station.

The good news is you don’t have to work it out alone. Solaray’s industry experts will ask you relevant questions, listen carefully to the answers and make recommendations based on your requirements.

Fill out our contact form below to set up a free consultation and join the thousands of Australians in your area who are enjoying lower electricity prices because of their rooftop solar.

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