SMA PowerUp Trusted Dealer Program

SMA Powerup

SMA PowerUP Trusted Solar Dealer Program

Australia ’s leading independent solar power installer Solaray Energy has rounded off a successful 2018 with the announcement that they will be the founding partner for the SMA Australia Trusted Dealer Network, PowerUp.

Solar power is booming in Australia at the moment thanks to cost reductions and improvements in technology, and this is reflected by Solaray’s continued growth and dominance in the quality solar market. SMA Australia is the latest manufacturer to partner with Solaray Energy, joining leading global brands such as LG Solar and Enphase.

Jonathan Fisk, founder and director of Solaray Energy, said: “SMA is a globally recognised brand and a leader in solar inverter technology. We are honoured to be able to offer our customers the SMA SunnyBoy and TriPower range of inverters at competitive pricing along with our industry-leading installation standards and customer support.”

SMA PowerUP Dealers are a network of Trusted Solar Energy Dealers that are fully qualified and trained to install and service SMA inverters. As the foundation SMA PowerUP Dealer, Solaray is well equipped with the thorough knowledge of both SMA residential and commercial solutions.

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