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Reduce Your Power Bills With A Solar System Powered By SMA

As power prices continue to skyrocket, many Australian households are struggling with large power bills this year.

SMA inverters are considered the best value solar inverter available in Australia, offering performance, reliability and longevity at an affordable price point. The Solaray Team can help you size up a solar power system that maximises your savings using good quality solar panels at Sydney’s best prices. We even have a way to replace your power bill completely if you are interested?

How would it feel to say goodbye to your power bills?

We now have customers like Peter running their home on solar power 24/7, and paying quarterly power bills well under $100 a quarter:

“I am pleased to be able to say that the system has worked flawlessly since commissioning and has exceeded my expectations.

Our last monthly bill was $10.53 – the same bill in previous years was $198.79 and $163.67″

PowerUP: An SMA Trusted Dealer

Australia ’s leading independent solar power installer Solaray Energy rounded off a successful 2018 with the announcement that we will be the founding partner for the SMA Australia Trusted Dealer Network, PowerUp.

SMA PowerUP Dealers are a network of Trusted Solar Energy Dealers that are fully qualified and trained to install and service SMA inverters. As the foundation SMA PowerUP Dealer, Solaray is well equipped with the thorough knowledge of both SMA residential and commercial solutions.

Request a quote for installation today and ask about our Platinum Service Package, included with all of our SMA installations, featuring:

  • Full-service warranties and free technical support
  • Solaray organise all of the paperwork including the government rebate
  • Solaray has a 5-year whole-of-system retailer’s warranty and a 10-year workmanship guarantee
  • Industry-leading installation standards and customer support
  • Fully installed price with no hidden charges
  • Expert System Design by our technicians – we are the SMA Experts

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