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The World's Leading Manufacturer of Solar Inverters
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Why Choose SMA?

SMA Solar Technology AG is a global leader in the development, production and sales of solar inverters and, as an energy management group, offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures.

SMA is represented in all important photovoltaics markets in 19 countries on four continents. The company has a staff of over 5 500 and reached a sales volume of EUR 1.7 billion in 2011.

All SMA solar inverters installed by Solaray are manufactured in Germany.

Inverters are the heart of every solar system

Technologically, the inverter is the most important component of a residential or commercial solar system.

It converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current compliant with the grid requirements – for use in the home or to be feed to the power distribution grid.

For all Performance Classes and System Sizes

SMA has an extensive range of products, which offers the right inverters for all module types and system sizes; from small residential systems to large scale plants, grid-connected installations as well as stand-alone and backup systems.

SMA also offer system monitoring products as well as energy management solutions to complete the portfolio.

In addition to this, Solaray customers benefit from comprehensive services: from support in installation and commissioning of PV systems to quick and uncomplicated device replacement service locally in Sydney, and the free SMA Service Line for technical questions.

SMA has received numerous awards for its product solutions and exceptional corporate culture. In 2011 and 2012, the company achieved first place in the German “Great Place to Work®” competition in the category for companies with over 5 000 employees.