Why You Should Choose An SMA Inverter For Your Solar System

SMA is a global leader in the development and production of solar inverters and, as an energy management group, offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures.

SMA is a manufacturer of market-leading solar inverter solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale solar systems. SMA was established in Germany in 1981, and with a global footprint of 19 countries across 4 continents, has led the industry since.

SMA began operations in Australia in 2007 and with over half a million products already installed across Australia, SMA has more products installed and more experience than any of its competitors. When your solar system uses an SMA inverter, you can be sure you’ve made a wise investment in your own renewable energy future.

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SMA PowerUp Partner

Solaray Energy is a founding partner of the SMA Trusted Dealer Network, PowerUp.

SMA PowerUP Dealers are a network of Trusted Solar Energy Dealers that are fully qualified and trained to install and service SMA inverters. As the foundation SMA PowerUP Dealer, Solaray is well equipped with the thorough knowledge of both SMA residential and commercial solutions. More information about the SMA PowerUp program.

Inverters are the heart of every solar system

Technologically, the inverter is the most important component of a residential solar system. It converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current compliant with the grid requirements for use in the home.

For all Performance Classes and System Sizes

SMA has an extensive range of products, allowing the Solaray team to offer the right inverter for your household’s requirements.

SMA also offers advanced system monitoring on the Sunny Portal as well as support through the Smart Connected Service.

In addition to this, Solaray customers benefit from comprehensive service and support as a part of our Platinum Service Package. This includes free technical support and full-service warranties. Talk to the Solaray Team today for more information.

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