SMA Sunny Portal – Advanced Online Solar System Monitoring

Simple and Efficient PV System Monitoring

Once your inverter is connected to the internet via ethernet or WLAN, Sunny Portal provides solar system operators with access to key system data anytime, anywhere. They can also analyse measured values and compare yields, meaning that even minor deviations in output or performance can be detected and resolved quickly.

Sunny Portal is the biggest PV monitoring portal,* with over 250,000 registered systems worldwide and more than 14 GW of monitored PV power in over 160 countries.

*GTM Research comparative study “Global PV Monitoring: Technologies, Markets and Leading Players, 2014–2018”

SMA Sunny Portal

Through the Sunny Portal, SMA systems owners have access to key data at any time. Pre-configured standard pages can be easily customised or supplemented. Whether as a data table or as a diagram, SMA solutions allow options for analysing measured data or visualising system output.

The reporting functions provide reliable updates via e-mail and therefore help ensure you can keep across the system’s performance. You will automatically receive information about system yields and performance at regular intervals (daily or monthly). If needed, Sunny Portal users can also receive events such as inverter status information.

Everything at a Glance

Sunny Portal visualises all data conveniently and concisely:

  • Live system status data
  • Information about current energy flow (purchased electricity, battery charging)
  • Monitors communication to the portal
  • Monitors inverter performance
  • Weather information for your location