Solar Analytics Smart Home Monitoring

Be Part of the World-First Solar Analytics Trial

Solaray is partnering with Solar Analytics and Enphase Energy in a world-first trial for 50 Solaray customers who install an Enphase Solar Power system.

Exclusively available through Solaray for only $175, the trial will involve 50 households and will connect your new Enphase solar system to the Solar Analytics platform hosted in the cloud. Participants in the trial will receive advanced monitoring and performance analysis of their solar system and will be providing valuable information to allow Enphase and Solar Analytics to develop future products.

The Benefits of Solar Analytics:

  • Participate in a world first trial at subsidised rates – 5 years access for only $175
  • Free 3G modem connecting your solar system to the internet – worth $500
  • Enhanced monitoring through Solar Analytics
  • Advanced safety and performance from Enphase micro inverters
  • Seamless integration between Solar Analytics and Enphase
  • Platinum Service Package included with your installation from Solaray Energy

The Features of Solar Analytics

Solar Analytics allows you to actively monitor the performance of your solar power system. Solar Analytics is powered by patented algorithms to accurately detect and diagnose faults, failures or the underperformance of your solar system. You can then count on the support of the Solar Analytics team of experts to help you restore your system to its potential. Solar Analytics features:

– Advanced system performance monitoring

– Automatic shade impact analysis

– Detailed financial and savings information

– Generation and consumption monitoring

– Battery recommendations – Solar Analytics will provide a guideline for what size battery would be right for your home

How Solar Analytics Works

When you buy an Enphase Solar System from Solaray, you will have the option to be part of the Solar Analytics Pilot Trial (50 customers only). You will receive 3G modem at no charge, and a subsidised 5-year subscription to the solar analytics platform.

You will then be given access to the Solar Analytics portal where you will have access to all the great features provided by Solar Analytics, including consumption monitoring, automatic shade impact analysis and advanced system performance monitoring. All of this is hosted in the cloud, allowing you to access it from any device.

The Solar Analytics link to the Enphase Envoy makes it easy to get on top of your solar power system. This means big savings and protection of your investment.

The Solar Analytics Dashboard

With your solar system connected to the internet, you can now log in to the Dashboard anytime from your desktop computer, tablet device or smartphone to see:

  • Your solar energy system’s performance
  • Your energy usage
  • Net electricity bought and sold
  • When and how you’re loading your system
  • How much energy your system should be generating vs actual energy generated on any given day
  • Alerts and faults diagnostics

Using the Dashboard, you can tell when it’s the best time of the day to turn on your most energy-hungry appliances; run the pool pump, turn on the air conditioner, turn off the hot water, and set your appliances to run at the optimal time every day to slash your energy bills even further.

Performance monitoring

Easily see what your system produced versus what the smart algorithms say it should have produced based on actual solar radiation data:

Consumption monitoring

Find opportunities to save more by shifting your loads to operate on solar and Identify spikes in energy consumption.

Savings made simple

Keep track of your savings and fact check your retail bill using our savings monitor:


Solar Analytics Dashboard Walkthrough

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