Solar Battery Storage Has Arrived!

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‘I am pleased to be able to say that the system has worked flawlessly since commissioning and has exceeded my expectations.
Our last monthly bill was $10.53 – the same bill in previous years was $198.79 and $163.67,’

Peter, Solaray Customer

What is a Solar Battery Storage System?

The ability to store energy is one of the most exciting innovations for homes and businesses over the last 50 years.

In essence, when you hear talk of Energy Storage, Batteries or Solar Power Hybrid Systems, what we are referring to is the ability to store energy when it is cheap and use it when it is expensive. In other words, the ability to store power generated by your Solar System, or power that is purchased at Off-Peak rates, and use it at night time or when you are paying Peak Rates.

We have, of course, been able to do this for many years with gel and acid batteries (and have in fact installed many such systems), but up until now, to put energy storage in your home not only cost a lot of money but also meant you had to have banks of batteries that were usually lead acid or full of other toxic chemicals. This meant the battery bank needed ventilation and drainage, and required ongoing maintenance.

New batteries, on the other hand, come with powerful software that not only manage performance but self-optimise based on your usage patterns and the cost of electricity at different times of the day.

The Future of Solar: Lithium-Ion Batteries

The new technology that is generating so much excitement is Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are essentially a new generation of the batteries that are used to power mobile phones and laptops.

Naturally, there are and will be many variations of these batteries but the big improvement over lead-acid and gel batteries is that they will take up a fraction of the space, are safer, will not have the same mix of toxic chemicals and will be able to have a much greater ‘usable’ capacity than the older style batteries.

Price of a Solar Power Hybrid Systems

The cost of batteries has now come down to the point where we have seen an explosion of interest from new and existing customers, and many more households are preparing for batteries by installing battery-ready solar systems today so that they will get a year or two of savings to help pay off the systems and secondly, you can get a clear picture of how much power you export to the grid. This information will be helpful when it comes to deciding on how much battery capacity you can utilise.

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