Door to Door Solar Sales and Telemarketing Sales


There are a number of solar companies in Australia that use door to door salespeople or employ telemarketing companies to make appointments for them.

Whilst presumably at least some of these companies are reputable, we have learnt of many instances where customers have been pressured into signing orders for solar systems that are THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS more than they are worth. Worse, they often supply cheap, and potentially low-quality products.

We have also heard of companies making unrealistic and unverifiable claims about the benefits of solar power (eg: solar will replace your bill), or not have even the most basic knowledge about how solar panels work. In other words, our staff have heard of salespeople in our industry doing or saying whatever it takes to make a quick sale.

Basically, they operate in the hope that customers will not check what they are saying or know how to get other quotes.

We strongly urge anyone that has been door-knocked or been signed up by a telemarketing sales technique to obtain other quotes to check that the price, quality and design of your system are what you are paying for.

If you have signed an order, you are welcome to contact us confidentially on  02 8090 4299 for another opinion and we can quickly let you know whether we believe you are getting value for money. Remember, under Australian Consumer Law, there is a mandatory cooling off period for a company that has approached you to sell a product or service so you can cancel your order without penalty during that time.

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