Solar Edge DC Optimisers

DC optimisers allow for panel-level optimisation of your solar power system for increased performance and flexibility. DC optimisers can increase output by up to 25% for each panel and provide constant feedback through internet-connected system monitoring.

The inverter in a SolarEdge system only handles the DC to AC conversion. All the other functions are handled by the power optimisers, which increases performance and reliability. This also means the inverter is smaller than a standard inverter.

Power Optimiser Technology

The SolarEdge Power Optimiser is a DC/DC converter which is connected to each PV module or embedded by panel manufacturers, replacing the traditional solar junction box. The SolarEdge power optimisers increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. Furthermore, the power optimisers monitor the performance of each module and communicate performance data to the SolarEdge monitoring portal for enhanced, cost-effective module-level maintenance. Each power optimiser is equipped with the unique SafeDC™ feature which automatically shuts down modules’ DC voltage whenever the inverter or grid power is shut down.


By having one MPPT per module, the SolarEdge system gives our installation department flexibility as we can have installations with panels facing in multiple orientations, tilts and even different module types in the same string.  When working with SolarEdge Inverters, SolarEdge power optimisers automatically maintain a fixed string voltage, allowing us to have even greater flexibility with longer strings and strings of different lengths in order to design optimal PV systems. Alternatively, the new independent optimisation (IndOP™) technology, allows power optimisers to be installed without the need for additional interface hardware and to operate directly with any inverter. The SolarEdge power optimisers are compatible with c-Si and thin-film modules and have a 25-year warranty.

Feature highlights of SolarEdge Power Optimisers:

  • Per-module Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Superior efficiency (99.5% peak efficiency, 98.8% weighted efficiency)
  • Mitigates all  types of modules mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading
  • Designed for extreme environmental conditions
  • 25 year reliability and warranty
  • Advanced, real-time performance measurement
  • Automatic module DC voltage shut-down for installer and firefighter safety
  • Independent optimisation technology (IndOP™) – allows operation with any inverter and requires no additional interface hardware (OPA models only)
  • Embedded by module manufacturers, or connected by installers to c-Si and thin-film modules

SolarEdge PV Inverter

The SolarEdge DC-AC PV Inverter is specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimisers. Because MPPT and voltage management are handled separately for each module by the power optimiser, the inverter is only responsible for DC to AC inversion. Consequently, it is a less complicated, more cost-effective, more reliable solar inverter with a standard 12-year warranty. The fixed string voltage ensures operation at the highest efficiency at all times (>97% weighted efficiency) independent of string length and temperature.

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