SolarEdge With The Tesla Powerwall

Stylish and Functional Solar Storage

*** With the release of the Powerwall 2, the Powerwall 1 has been superseded. For more information, click here to learn about the Powerwall 2, and here for SolarEdge. ***

A solar storage system from Solaray Energy allows households to store excess solar power to use in the evening, potentially giving homeowners the freedom to be powered almost entirely by solar power. The beautifully functional Tesla Powerwall home battery maximises the usefulness of your solar panels and allows you to run your home off renewable energy.

Stop Giving Solar Power Away to the Grid

The Tesla Powerwall automatically captures excess solar power before it is sold to your power company for around 5 cents a kWh. With Solar Storage, you can now store this excess power to use in the evening when electricity prices are typically over 50 cents a kWh for households in NSW on time of use billing.


The Solar & Storage Experts

Tesla Energy Certified Installer

As one of the few Tesla Energy Authorised Resellers in Sydney, new and existing Solaray customers can now install the Tesla Powerwall and expect the same high installation standards and support that has helped build Solaray Energy into the leading independent solar installer in NSW.

Powerwall batteries are available as a retrofit for existing solar systems or as a complete hybrid solar package. The Powerwall from Tesla Energy is a home battery that stores excess solar electricity to be used in the evening. It can also draw power from the grid when power prices are low.

The Tesla Powerwall

Tesla-PowerwallThe Tesla Powerwall is a beautifully functional storage solution that inherits Tesla’s proven automotive battery technology to power your home safely and economically. Completely automated, it requires little to no maintenance and is specifically designed for residential installations.

With a capacity of 6.4 kWh, the Powerwall has sufficient capacity to power most households through the evening hours. Tesla Energy provide a 4 year workmanship warranty, along with a 3,650 cycle performance warranty, and like all warranties serviced by Solaray, we offer full support and free full-replacement service as a part of our Platinum Service Package. This extra support is what sets Solaray apart and why thousands of households across Australia have trusted Solaray for their solar and storage installations.

Deciding to buy the Tesla Powerwall from Solaray Energy is a vote for a clean future. You are directly helping to grow Australia’s renewable energy industry in a country that is still dominated by coal and gas. As one of Australia’s leading independent solar installers, by choosing Solaray you are also helping to support Australian business as we take up the fight to develop our renewable energy industry.

The Solaray Team will give you the information you need to make an informed decision and ensure that solar storage will be the right fit for your home. When you decide to proceed with an installation, we only use accredited CEC installers and we pride ourselves on our industry leading installation standards and our comprehensive support package that includes free support and a full-replacement warranty service at no cost to our customers.

SolarEdge has Revolutionised Solar Power

StorEdge with interface

A typical Tesla Powerwall Solar Package from Solaray includes premium solar panels from leading manufacturers, a SolarEdge inverter for converting DC solar power to AC and a StorEdge Module, a fully automated energy management hub that connects your system to the cloud, facilitating system management and free panel-level remote monitoring.

SolarEdge is a revolutionary solar system that uses the latest technology turn your solar panels into a Smart Solar System that will produce more solar power and give you greater flexibility.

More Power

Each panel in a solar array has a maximum power point. With a standard string inverter the panels are hooked up in series, meaning the array only operates at the level of the worst performing panel. With a Solar Edge system, each panel produces the maximum output as it is independent from the other panels and hence power loses are eliminated. Examples of potential performance inhibitors include snow, leaves, dust, bird droppings and variances in manufacturing tolerance.


Flexible Design

Jinko SolarEdge System

As each panel outputs power independently from the rest of the array, panels can be installed at various angles and orientations. With a standard inverter, we need a minimum of 7 panels in a string. Many roof sections are too small for 7 panels, but with a Solar Edge system this isn’t a problem. This flexibility allows our install department to design an array with more panels, which means greater output and further savings off your power bills.

Module Level System Monitoring

All Solar Edge systems are connected to the internet and come with free module level monitoring, giving system owners full visibility of performance from any computer or devise. You can monitor the performance of your system to maximise the benefit of your investment, plus you can get updates and alerts to minimise downtime. Monitoring is also available through a free application for iphones and android devises.


Solar power systems are safe and pose no danger to people or property when installed correctly. Solaray only use installers accredited by the Clean Energy Council and our install standards are the best in the industry. With a standard inverter, as long as the sun is up the system will be sending DC power to the inverter. With a Solar Edge system DC wires are designed to automatically de-energise providing protection to home owners and to service technicians during maintenance.

Lets Get Your Quote Started

Solaray are leading the Solar Storage Revolution in Australia and are proud to now be installing the Tesla Powerwall.

Solaray are offering the Tesla Powerwall as a retrofit for existing solar systems as well as complete solar + storage packages. Powerwall will enable existing customers to further new & existing customers to further reduce their power bills and maximise self consumption of solar power.