This New Federal Government Reform Stamps Out Dodgy Operators…But Are Homeowners Still Protected?

Warning! Do not buy new solar panels for your rooftop until you read this…

This article explains how to protect yourself from shady dealers…while correctly choosing the right company to install solar panels.

Did you read: James D. was ripped off $11,990 to install dodgy solar panels from a company that had gone out of business…and there was nothing he could do about it.

“I tried calling and google’ing the business, but they had disappeared.”

Even worse, he tried contacting the Ombudsman and Consumer Affairs with no luck at all…

James decided to take matters into his own hand by ripping off the installation.

Which only left him with an empty rooftop and expensive loan to pay off.

He felt cheated and angry knowing who’s responsible: dodgy solar panel companies like these ones were getting away with it in broad daylight!

The problem is that the solar industry is a mess…there are so many shady operators that it’s hard to find a good one.

The solar industry has been plagued by rogue operators who have taken advantage of customers with poor quality installations, shoddy equipment and exorbitant fees.

And, until recently, not enough was being done about it.

In September, the federal government accepted the proposal that the Clean Energy Regulator will have the power to regulate both installers and the list of approved solar panels.

Best of all, consumers will be the winners with new rules to help stamp out dodgy operators. 

You see, this is great news for Australian homeowners who want to invest in renewable energy resources… like solar panels on their roof, or on their property.

This is important, as there are many benefits to having your own renewable energy system installed on your home: including reducing electricity bills… and helping save our planet from global warming issues that we face today.

Now look… can you really be assured that there won’t be any more rip offs happening against you?

Whilst these changes will be welcomed by consumers and those reputable players in the industry who have always been operating at (and above) these standards, it still won’t be enough to fully protect households from cheap solar.

Why? Because, there are companies who will promise you everything under the sun, and they go out of business before you have a chance to complain… or ask for your money back.

You’d be surprised at the number of installers who don’t guarantee their systems actually work.

We get many phone calls from people who are trying to get their system properly connected or working after a dodgy installation.

The bottom line is, besides dodgy operators not installing systems properly, the biggest problem with cheap solar is that the products aren’t reliable.

Maybe you’ll get lucky and your cheap system works for years without any issues.

But remember, cheap solar panels fail significantly more than good quality ones.


You’ll be surprised that the image above may illustrate a nice solar panel installation, but it was incorrectly installed and connected.

Here’s How To Be Safe Selecting A Solar Panel Installer:

The best way to avoid getting caught up with one of these fly-by-night operators is by going through a well-established and accredited installer and supplier like us at Solaray.

Solaray wants to help you get the system that works for you and your roof.

Think about this for a moment — We want to make sure you’re protected against low-quality operators who might try to take advantage of you by selling a poor quality product… and/or installing it incorrectly.

With our accreditation and over a decade in the industry, we’ve got the experience to make sure your installation works well from the start.

Most importantly, you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is safe.

After all, we found that most homeowners just want something simple from their solar panel installers – long-lasting, safe and reliable solar.


In summary, these new regulations from the CER will help clean up some of the dodgy operators, and that’s a good thing.

  • It will not completely stop cheaper solar systems from being offered nor will it protect people from getting screwed over by dodgy installers. But it is an important step in the right direction towards cleaning up the industry.
  • We will continue to put a lot of effort into educating the public to help them avoid the mountains of misinformation out there.
  • We remain focused on assisting you to make well-informed decisions about solar panels so that your investment is worthwhile for the long haul.

It is still a case of BUYER BEWARE until the regulations are put into effect, but Solaray welcomes these necessary changes to the Australian solar industry.


If you’d like more information on just how much money a good quality solar system can save you (and cost), request a callback below:

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