Clenergy Solar Mounting System

A strong solar mounting kit is a critical part of a quality solar system in NSW.

The Mounting System is often overlooked but is a critically important part of any Solar System, especially in Sydney and across NSW where strong winds and hot days are frequent. Although the Mounting System normally doesn’t impact the day to day performance of the system, it must be able to withstand the test of time and weather events.

EzRack Mounting Kits from Clenergy

Naturally, Solaray only provides quality Mounting Systems that meet all the required Australian Standards and ensure it is installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications – giving you peace of mind. The EzRack Mounting System is arguably the sturdiest and most robust mounting hardware available in Australia.

It is locally designed to meet the extremes of the weather conditions in NSW using structural aluminium rails and stainless steel (304) fastenings. Furthermore, it not only meets but surpasses all the required Australian and international standards.

When compared to standard solar mounting hardware, it is visually obvious why the EzRack Mounting System is one of the best on the market and is known as a premium mounting system for Sydney’s conditions.

The EzRack Mounting Kit comes with a full 10-year product warranty.

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