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How Much Money Can You Save With Solar?

graph showing solar power calculator savingsAs you can see from the results in the solar calculator, a solar power system can save you a lot of money on your power bills. The average size solar system we  now install is around 8kW-10kW, or to basically fill the roof with panels where roof space is a limitation. The main reasons for this are:

  • Good quality solar systems generate power at well less than 10 cents per kWh, often around 5 or 6 c/kWh. Because of this, many households are installing the largest system they can fit on their roof
  • With an over-sized solar system, many of our customers enjoy a credit on their power bill every quarter. This is because they are getting money from their energy retailer instead of having to pay a power bill)
  • Government rebates are still in place, and the larger the system, the larger the rebate
  • Property prices are increasing at such a rate that many households are using the equity in the property to replace their power bills for the coming decades. A good quality solar system can also add value to a property as long as the right brands are in use (typically ‘cheap solar‘ systems do not add as much value to a property, if at all)
  • Batteries have completely changed the market. Whether you buy one now or in the future, we advise you to get your solar system installed now with the presumption that you will store excess solar power at some stage in the future in a battery. This means sizing up a solar system based on your 24-hour usage, and until you get the battery installed you will get paid a good feed-in tariff from your energy retailer

Click here for a more detailed explanation of how to size up a solar system.

Solar Calculator: How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

Once you know how much solar power you will need across an average day, you can then work out how many panels you will need to generate that amount of power. Most good-quality solar panels now come with a rating of 400W-420W per panel.

For example, if you decide to go with an 8kW solar system for your home you would need around 20 solar panels.

We recommend that you spend a bit of time on the phone with the Solaray Team. This is so that we can discuss the various options and help you understand the value of the different technology (and price points).

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