Solar Power Cuts Electricity Bills in Victoria

The Victorian Solar Homes program was designed to boost the number of solar installations in the state.

And while the state government program has helped thousands of people install rooftop solar power, it has its critics.

Members of the solar industry rallied in Melbourne in July against the “stop-start” nature of the rebates’ release.

The program issues a quota of rebates each month, which are often exhausted on the same day. Victorians have to apply online subject to a first come, first served basis.

What does this mean for Victorians looking to save money on electricity bills with solar? It means they are forced to wait until the next month’s quota to apply for a rebate. And there’s no guarantee they will be successful next time either.

Solar panels a safe bet, rebate or no rebate

Data just released by the Victorian Government shows there were 7,642 applications for the $2,225 rebate in October. A total of 648 solar companies were listed as installers by successful applicants.

With over 72,000 rebates available for the 2019-20 financial year, the program continues to help Victorians reduce their energy bills while using clean energy.

It is supplemented by the national SRES, which also offers an incentive to install solar but without quotas.

This national scheme is gradually being phased out, however, with the rebate amount decreasing each year.

Getting the right size solar system

But if you have not been successful in winning a rebate (or you’re not a Victorian) solar panels are still the best way to cut power bills.

A well-sized rooftop solar system can pay for itself in as little as 3-5 years. A 5kW system could potentially save you up to $50,000 on power bills over its working life.

There are many considerations, such as how much power you use and when, that affect the size of your solar system. At Solaray we don’t ‘upsell’ — we recommend the right size system for your situation.

Contact us to find out how you can start saving on power bills with rooftop solar.

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