Solar Power & Battery Storage for a New Home Build

We make installing solar power one of the easiest parts of your new build or renovation. Many Solaray customers are now also including battery storage to their solar system to store any excess solar power to use in the evening. Your Solaray representative can help you size up a system based on your requirements.

Once you have placed an order with us, we will take care of the paperwork and clearly let you know what we need from you, when. We can even liaise directly with your builder if you prefer.

During the early stages of the build, it is worth gaining some background knowledge about solar power and battery storage, so if you haven’t already we encourage you to request some general information by calling the Solaray Team on 1300 525 451 or at

6kW QC EN Castle Hill 1 e1460961252724 Roof SolarDo I need to design the roof for solar power?

Not specifically, however solar panels need to face between north, west or east (with north-west being optimum for much of Sydney). Open, unobstructed roof-spaces are best (either tilted or flat), but solar can be installed on most modern designed houses without an issue. If in doubt, you can send us plans and we will let you know about the roof’s suitability.

Solar panels are 1.7m tall by 1 meter wide. If you would like two rows of panels, allow at least 3.5 m or preferably a little more. We cannot install panels over the ridgeline or down near a gutter, so the more room on each side of the array the better.

We cannot install on slate or asbestos roofs, while flat concrete roofs are possible but can result in significantly higher install costs and/or preparation work such as waterproofing etc. Please call us if you are considering/have a flat concrete roof.

Where does the battery need to go?

Depending on the type of battery, you may be able to install it outside as long as it is not in direct sunlight. Certain batteries may also need to installed in an enclosure.

We can also install the battery inside as long as it is in a non-habitable area, such as a garage or a basement. Please contact us for up to date information about the battery you are considering.

When do I need to sign a contract?

There is no need to sign a contract until the building work is well underway; in fact just prior to the roof going on.

When you are about 6 weeks from having the roof put on, that is usually the best time to contact us so that we can work in with the builder’s timetable for cabling and installation. We will give you a formal quote, all the information you need and a plan on what needs to be done when.

What work needs to be done during the build?

Conduit for cabling needs to be installed prior to walls being rendered or internal walls/ceilings being plastered (to avoid the need for externally mounted conduit later). This is normally done prior to the system itself being installed. Once you have placed an order, we can do this for you for around $400, or we can provide layout and instructions for your builder over the phone.

An Enphase system features a safe and easy AC cable run from the roof to the meter board, so we often don’t need to do a rough-in.

The balance of the system (panels, inverter, switches, etc) is typically installed soon after the roof is on.

When is the system operational?

The system will become operational when the house is connected to the grid in your name. This involves the installation of a solar-enabled meter instead of a normal electricity meter. We will liaise with your builder and electrician and provide all the information they need to have your system connected to the right meter. Alternatively, we can handle this part of the installation if you prefer.