How Much Does Solar Power Cost? Here’s What Solar Panels Cost To Install In Sydney (Free Solar Quote)

With power prices rising, a solar panel installation in Sydney is the best way to reduce your power bills.

Let’s have a look at a few of the key numbers including the price of a solar power installation, and the brands you should be looking at for a solar power system in Sydney.

How Much Should A Solar Power Quote Be In Sydney?

Trying to work out how much to pay for a solar power installation in Sydney with good quality solar panels can be a minefield.

Many solar system quotes you see advertised online are too cheap. They install extremely cheap solar panels and inverters, and the quote often doesn’t include full warranty support. Conversely, other quotes can be overpriced by thousands of dollars, simply because people don’t know what they should pay.

Unfortunately, many solar installers believe that confusion = profit. Thus, finding the right price for a good quality solar system can be tricky.

The first thing most people do when they have an interest in a solar power installation is to find out how much solar power costs. Here are some typical ads you will see in your search results:

If you are new to solar power, your very first online search could have you believe a good quality 5kW solar system costs around $3000-$4000 to install. The ads use words like ‘premium’ and ‘tier 1’.

It all sounds great… except it’s not. It’s far too cheap for a good quality solar system.

The Right Price For A Solar Installation – Solar Power System Prices in Sydney

We approach things a little differently here at Solaray to help you cut through the confusion. We believe you should have all the information you need to make an informed decision, including pricing.

For a good quality solar panel installation, the average 6.6kW solar price in Sydney starts at around $6,500, including installation, and from $8,900 for a Smart Solar System from Enphase. This 6.6kW system will output around 25kWh a day, and can save you around $2100 – $2500 every year on your power bills.

For a good quality solar panel installation, the average 10kW solar price in Sydney starts at around $8,900, fully installed, and from $12,500 for a Smart Solar System from Enphase. This 10kW system will output around 40kWh a day, and can save you around $3200 – $4000 every year on your power bills.

These savings numbers depend on how much solar power you are able to use in the home, and the price you pay for electricity. To get the most out of your solar system we recommend including battery storage so you can use excess solar power in the evening.

Solar Power System Prices For Sydney

Here are our price guides for popular solar system sizes in Sydney. For a personalised quote for a solar power system, simply fill out the form below. In around 10 minutes we can help you find the right solar system for your needs as well as a price for the installation.

And so here it is, solar power system prices for Sydney after the rebates:

System SizeCheap SolarGood Quality SolarSolarEdge SystemEnphase System
6.6kWLess than $4,000From $6,500From $8,000From $9,500
8kWLess than $5,000From $7,900From $9,000From $10,000
10kWLess than $6,000From $8,900From $10,500From $12,000
13kWLess than $10,000From $10,990From $13,500From $16,000

The Price of Solar Power In Sydney Using Finance

Yes, interest rates are rising, but there are still very attractive finance solutions for solar power systems and battery storage.

Interest rates for green loans tend to be a lot lower than other unsecured finance because most applicants are homeowners. Also lenders understand that solar power directly reduces your monthly expenses by reducing or even eliminating your power bill.

A number of banks offer very low interest rates for green loans to their mortgage customers (from 1.99%, for example), while other institutions such as Community Banks offer low-interest green loans (5%-7% or so) to eligible applications, as long as you are a ‘customer’, as in you don’t need to have a mortgage with them.

There are also green loans available from Brighte with interest rates starting at 10.7%.

Typically, interest rates vary depending on your credit rating, so it is worth talking to our team so that we can help you apply for a rate estimate over the phone. We can also help you do it yourself online if you’d prefer.

A popular strategy is to put down a deposit of around $3000-$5000, and then put the rest of the purchase amount on a green loan. This significantly reduces the fortnightly repayments to well below the benefit of the system. Many customers do this and confidently upgrade the size or quality of their system knowing that the benefits of the solar system will cover the repayments.

Here are some examples of fortnightly repayment estimates based on a $3000 deposit, a 5-year term and an interest rate of 10.7%. As mentioned, it’s worth talking to our team so that we can help you with personalised numbers.

System SizePotential Benefit Per FortnightGood Quality SolarSolarEdge SystemEnphase System
6.6kWUp to about $108About $44*About $64*About $68*
8kWUp to about $130About $59*About $78*About $83*
10kWUp to about $160About $68*About $98*About $102*
13kWUp to about $210About $89*About $127*About $132*

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*Information and interest rates are current as of Jan 2023 and are subject to change. Minimum finance amount $1,000. All applications for credit are subject to Brighte’s credit approval criteria. Fees, Terms and Conditions apply.

Comparison rate calculated on an unsecured loan amount of $30,000 over a term of 5 years based on fortnightly repayments WARNING: The comparison rate is true only for the example given and may not include all fees and charges. Different loan terms, fees or loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.

The minimum amount repayable includes:

  • The $2.70 Weekly Account Keeping fee (which is calculated daily).
  • The establishment fee of $299
  • Fixed Interest rate which is calculated daily on the outstanding balance
The above figures are estimations only. Any advice on this website does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. Not all Brighte accredited partners offer all of Brighte’s finance products. Please check with your vendor on which product they may offer.

How Much Do Solar Systems Cost In Sydney In 2023

How Much Should You Pay For A Solar Panel Installation In Sydney?

The first step in working out how much to pay for your new solar system is to understand how much power a system generates. That way you can work out how many panels would be suitable for your home. Our Solar Calculator can quickly help you size up a system, or you can request a callback here and our team will be happy to recommend a system for you.

From there, we can help you with pricing for a number of different systems based on if you want to minimise the return on investment & concentrate on value for money or you could spend a bit more to maximise quality, longevity and performance.

A top-of-the-range system will feature a 25-year solar panel warranty and higher performance in all weather conditions. Over time, the system will generate a lot more solar power and so it is the better option if you are planning to be in your house for a longer period of time. An example of this would be to look at REC Alpha Pure panels with Enphase Microinverters.

The benefit of a Solar Power System in Sydney

An 8kW system in Sydney facing north with no shade will output approximately 32 kWh a day (averaged out across the year):

If you pay a flat rate for your power, the average cost of electricity in Sydney is approximately 30 cents a kWh (including GST).

If you are on time-of-use billing then solar power you can actually save more than 50 cents a kWh during the peak billing period.

Assuming you are on a flat rate for your power, an 8kW solar system could save you up to about $3500 every year. Critically, as mentioned above, the benefit of solar is to use solar power in the home as it is being generated.

With prices now at record lows for a good quality system, we are able to install a system for you that can pay for itself in under 3 years in a best-case scenario!

Because Solar Prices in Sydney have dropped over the last few years, the average-sized solar system for a home is now around 8kW to 10kW.

Don’t Get Stung By A Cheap Solar Quote In Sydney

If you were to get 3 solar power quotes from reputable solar installers in Sydney, you would find that the prices are all within a few hundred dollars of each other. Yes, there can be slight differences, but for the most part, the quotes will be around the same price. To put it simply, you won’t find a $6,000 system ‘on sale’ for $4000.

It is now possible to get a top-quality solar system in Sydney to pay for itself in 3 to 5 years!

Good quality solar panels have become so cheap that it no longer makes sense to consider the bottom end of the solar market. You can have the best solar panels from the world’s leading manufacturers, online monitoring, a professional installation, full technical support, and still get a return on your money in 3-5 years. Cheap solar is dead.

Get Your Personalised Solar Power Quote

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Our solar & storage experts can help you size a system, select the right panels for your needs and confirm the installation details with you over the phone.

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