Install a Solar System On Your Home Or Business

Installing solar systems requires a high level of knowledge, adaption and precision. When you plan to install solar panels with Solaray, we are by your side throughout the process. You will receive a tailored quote based on the products best suited to your needs. The products that we offer are the very best. They are the ones that we use on our own solar systems, and we select them based on performance, not just price.

Our Solar Panel Range

Whether you are looking for Australia’s top performing solar panels or something more affordable that you can still rely on, Solaray offers a select range of premium panels to suit your needs.

Our Inverter Range

Smarter, safer, solar is our motto, and our inverter selection offers just that. We can help you choose the products that suit your needs and budget best, whichever solar systems you choose. We offer SolarEdge, Enphase and Sungrow.

Call us today on 1300 525 451, or fill in your details below to see how much you can save with Smart Solaray Solar Systems. Our staff in our Sydney or Melbourne offices will get back to you: