Solaray Announces LG Solar Partnership

Sydney’s leading independent solar power installer Solaray Energy have rounded off a successful summer with the announcement that they will be an approved partner of LG Solar.

Solar power is booming thanks to record low pricing, improvements in technology and the arrival of exciting new solar storage options, and this is reflected by Solaray’s recent doubling of warehouse space to facilitate demand. LG Solar is the latest manufacturer to partner with Solaray Energy, joining leading high-quality global brands such as Enphase and SolarEdge.

Jonathan Fisk, founder and director of Solaray Energy, said: “LG is the global leader in solar panel technology with the 285W Mono X and 315W NeOn 2 modules. We are excited to be able to offer these award-winning panels to our customers at competitive pricing along with our industry-leading installation standards and customer support.”

LG Solar has announced plans to triple solar panel production by 2020. LG will invest USD 435 Million to increase their manufacturing capacity from 1GW to 1.8GW by 2018, and 3GW by 2020 – equivalent to the power consumed by one million homes! As dozens of leading manufacturers go through re-structuring due to financial stress, LG is expanding – and for good reason.

According to Markus Lambert, LG’s Solar National Sales Manager, “LG Solar is not only about manufacturing high-quality solar panels but about creating sustainable long term battery and solar energy solutions for the smart homes of the future. This is why we have partnered up with Solaray, as they share our vision of creating the solar systems of the future – today.”

For more information about installing LG solar panels on your home or business visit Solaray today or give the Solaray Energy team a call on 1300 525 451.

Further information:

Solaray Energy

Jonathan Fisk
02 9055 6923

LG Solar

Markus Lambert
02 8805 4000

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