Solaray Are Now the Largest Installer of Enphase Systems in Australia!

Solaray is now the largest installer of Enphase Systems in Australia.

Our competitive pricing is supported by the most experienced Enphase Technical Team in the industry, to ensure you get the right advice, system design and technical support.

When you choose to partner with Solaray Energy for your solar requirements, our team of experts work to ensure your system’s output exceeds expectations. On average, our Enphase systems have produced more than 110% of their estimated yearly output figure. This includes systems with patchy shade, difficult roofs not well suited to a solar system, and of course perfect roofs facing due north where customers demand the Enphase System for the peace of mind that comes with buying the best.

The 10 Benefits of Enphase Micro Inverter Systems

Solaray now ranks as one of the Top 10 Reputable Solar Installers in Australia based on customer feedback and here is why:

  • All installation details will be confirmed with our Enphase Technical Team once you have placed your order. Our industry-leading design and install standards are one of the main reasons we are now the leading Enphase Installer in Australia.
  • Once your installation is completed, we give you the direct phone line to our technical support team. If there are any issues or you have any questions you can call us anytime.
  • Our Enphase team will monitor your new system for two to three days to ensure it has been installed to the highest standards. Once our team have signed off on the performance of the system access to the system is handed over to the owner.
  • We continue to monitor your system 24/7. If there are any faults or alerts we will notify you immediately.
  • Solaray service full replacement warranties (not back to base warranties) and we have free service checks. This additional support ensures you are not out of pocket in the case of a warranty claim and this is worth many hundreds of dollars.
  • We have a full 10-year workmanship guarantee that is backed by Solaray Energy. We do not pass the responsibility onto contracted installers.
  • We offer a fully installed price. There are no further fees or charges on top of our quote.
  • We organise all of the paperwork including the grid connect, the government rebate and notification to your energy retailer.
  • Solaray is one of the largest solar companies in NSW. We have local staff in the area every day and we are happy to come and see you if there are any issues.

Interested in finding out more? The Solaray Team is available on 1300 525 451, or you can submit an online enquiry here:

* Solaray was ranked as the Number 1 Installer in Australia by Enphase Australia in a 2015 Authorised Installer competition for the most Enphase systems installed in 2015.

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