Solaray legal action against Arif Hady, and an associated company, Sungen Pty Ltd

Solaray Energy has announced that it intends to commence legal action against a former employee, Arif Hady, and an associated company, Sungen Pty Ltd and its Director, Melissa Zamor-Bongout.

The facts alleged by Solaray Energy are that Arif Hady entered into an Employment Contract with Solaray in 2017 and provided a Confidentiality Undertaking as part of this Contract.

At around the same time, Arif Hady’s partner, Melissa Zamor-Bongout, whose LinkedIn profile states that she is an Account Services Manager with Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions Pty Ltd, commenced business as a supplier of solar energy products.

Sungen Pty Ltd (Sungen), was incorporated 10 days before Arif Hady started work with Solaray, and is wholly owned Melissa Zamor-Bongout. Sungen Solar in Sydney is a direct competitor of Solaray in the supply of solar energy products.

Although Melissa Zamor-Bongout is the sole director of Sungen, Solaray alleges (and has copies of email correspondence to support this) that Arif Hady had been acting as a de facto or de jure director of Sungen and appears to have conducted, or been involved in the conduct of, the business of Sungen since late 2017 – whilst being employed by Solaray.

Solaray alleges that Arif Hady deliberately deceived Solaray by seeking employment with Solaray for the express purpose of obtaining inside knowledge about Solaray’s business for his own benefit and the benefit of Sungen and Ms Zamor-Bongout.

Solaray takes great pride in its ethics and corporate and moral behaviour. Importantly, Solaray welcomes all new team members and invests significantly in every individual to assist them to be successful and to make a contribution to both Solaray and the advancement of renewable energy.

In this case, it appears Solaray’s honest and open approach has been targeted for dishonest (and probably illegal) motives.

Solaray have announced that the purpose of this pending legal action is not only to seek redress from the individuals and entity involved, but also as part of Solaray’s ongoing commitment to driving honest and ethical behaviour in the solar industry, which, partly due to actions similar to Hady and Sungen’s, does not always have a great reputation.

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