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How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? Are you worried about how long your solar panels will last? This article examines the lifespan of your panels and the things to consider to make them last

How Do Solar Panels Work?

So, you’ve heard about these solar panels and you’ve seen them popping up on people’s houses around town but you wonder – why bother? How do they even work? What’s in it for me?

Canadian Solar Panels Expert Review

Canadian Solar Panels | Solaray Expert Review Canadian Solar Introduction Over the last decade, the solar market has seen rapid growth and provided around 2.8% of the world’s electricity demand last year. The growth
Solar Power Rebate Victoria Protests

What’s Going On With The Victorian Solar Rebate?

What’s Going On With The Victorian Solar Rebate? Last week, the solar industry protested outside the Victorian Parliament – with installers and retailers protesting against the Victorian Government’s Solar Victoria rebate scheme for households
The Value of Solar Systems

How Much Solar Do I Need?

How Much Solar Do I Need? “How much solar do I need?” is a popular question. As the cost of electricity keeps going up, many Australians are looking into this alternative. But, the ideal

Why Install Solar Battery Storage?

Why Install Battery Storage? Solar Battery Storage is about storing excess solar power during the day to use in the evening. Unlike the expenses involved in going off-grid, grid-connected solar storage systems are designed

Install of the Week: 7kW Solaray System

Install of the Week: A 7kW Solaray System on Sydney’s Northern Beaches split across two roof sections. Using Micro inverters from Enphase Energy allows us the flexibility to tailor a solar array that’s the perfect fit
STC Price. Power Crisis? All-time high for electricity prices

The Highest Energy Price. Ever.

Victoria and New South Wales recorded their highest underlying energy price on record, while Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania recorded their second highest energy prices on record this March quarter 2019 [1]. This follows