Sonnen Solar Battery Storage – the future of home renewable energy

Sydney-siders will soon be able to break free from their energy retailers – with Solaray Energy, a leading Storage and Energy Management provider, inking a strategic partnership with sonnen to provide the future of home renewable energy.

This partnership means Solaray Energy, already one of the largest storage installers in the country will be a key installer of the exciting new sonnenBatterie Eco 8 systems.

Solaray’s sonnen battery customers will soon be able to reduce their energy costs to zero by becoming a sonnen flat customer – where sonnen can access the customer’s stored energy in return for covering the household’s regular energy usage.

Solaray Energy has taken a leading role in the energy storage market with arguably the industry’s pre-eminent skills in system design, software configuration and ongoing management of today’s complex energy products. Solaray’s storage customers include the largest installation of Enphase batteries globally and many of the first installations of the Tesla Powerwall 2.

Mr Jonathan Fisk, one of Solaray Energy’s directors stated “we are incredibly excited to be partnering with sonnen, and being part of driving new, cost-efficient and low emission energy models out into the community. The sonnenFlat product is a very exciting development for consumers and we believe it will meet the needs of many, many customers.”

Consumers will benefit from up to 75% self-reliance through their home energy generation and storage with sonnenBatterie. If the consumer elects for a sonnenBatterie with sonnenFlat, this rate skyrockets to 100% self-reliance. This package eliminates all ongoing energy bills, that’s $0 through the sonnenFlat community.

sonnenFlat is the first step to grant the balance of power back to the community. Traditional energy retailers will suffer when smart consumers choose to no longer bear the burden of exorbitant production costs and choose clean energy. Cheaper, accessible and most importantly sustainable energy production is here to stay and is the major step we needed to move away from our reliance on non-renewable energy.

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