Solaray Is Your Platinum Enphase Partner

For many years the solar industry has had a serious problem.

Customers were shopping around for the best price on the best systems, especially Enphase. After all, who doesn’t want a smart solar system with all the bells and whistles at the best price available?

Well, the problem has been that solar installers who had hardly even heard of microinverters were discounting their price to win the sale, and then buying a box of microinverters from the wholesalers and trying their luck at an Enphase installation. How hard can it be? Sometimes they managed to follow the instructions on the YouTube video they watched the night before, but often there were serious mistakes.

We’ve heard it all over the years. One installer ‘price matched’ a Solaray quote, but forgot to include the Envoy Gateway. He had never heard of it and didn’t think to include it in the quote.

And as for service? Forget about it. “Just call Enphase,” they’d say. Obviously, they can’t offer discounted pricing and include customer service as well.

Recognising The Experts & Improving The Industry

We have been working with Enphase for a while now to develop a program that recognised the experience & expertise larger solar installers have with the Enphase product range. Install and service standards are so vastly different across the solar industry, we felt all Enphase customers would benefit from a tier structure where installers are recognised for a track record of installing Enphase products and consistently exhibiting great customer service.

Today Enphase Energy has rolled out an exciting new Partner Program called the Enphase Installer Network.

There are 3 tiers to the program designed to not only recognise the better installers but also, and just as importantly, to equip newer installers with the tools & training needed to improve standards across the industry. The 3 tiers of the program are silver, gold and platinum:

Solaray is proud to be recognised as a Platinum Enphase Partner

Customers of Solaray Energy that choose Enphase for their home or business can trust that they are dealing with the Enphase experts, and they will now be able to enjoy additional benefits thanks to our Platinum status in the Enphase Installer Network.

These will include:

  • A higher level of technical support – if there is a problem, it will get fixed
  • Industry-leading install standards
  • An upgrade to the new IQ7A Microinverter for increased system performance

Statements From Enphase & Solaray Energy

Since 2010 Solaray Energy has been focused on advanced solar technology, and how that can deliver better outcomes for customers by providing higher yields, increased returns, and advanced safety features.

Solaray Energy recognised early on that Enphase’s micro-inverter technology was set to revolutionise Australia’s solar industry by providing a product solution that delivers those outcomes. When Enphase entered the Australian market in 2014, Solaray Energy was the first quality installer to realise the major advantages that this micro-inverter technology could deliver, not only for customers, but for installers in ease of installation, service, and large scale fleet management.

Since then Solaray has partnered strongly with Enphase and has been the largest Enphase micro-inverter installer in the country 5 years running.

As such, Solaray is delighted to be a foundation member and Platinum Installer of the new Enphase Installer Network Program.

“Our focus on quality meant that we were the first solar installer in Australia to realize the major advantages that Enphase products deliver, not only for our customers, but also in ease of installation, service, and large-scale fleet management,” said Jonathan Fisk, director at Solaray Energy. “By equipping partners with tools for growth and helping consumers easily find reputable solar installers, the EIN represents a customer experience step change for the Australian solar industry. As a company committed to Enphase technology, we are delighted to join this exciting program as a Platinum member.”

“We have always been impressed by the way Jonathan, Pete, and the Solaray Energy team have championed safer, smarter, and more reliable solar solutions in Australia,” said Dave Ranhoff, chief commercial officer at Enphase Energy. “Their standout commitment to using Enphase products to deliver outstanding results for their customers easily qualifies Solaray to meet the exacting standards required to earn Platinum EIN status.”

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