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Why do more homeowners choose SolarEdge than any other solar energy system in the world? The answer is simple. SolarEdge systems deliver more of what you buy a solar energy system for – power.

Each solar panel on your roof is connected to a SolarEdge Power Optimiser which transforms it into a smart module. Working together with a high-efficiency inverter, Power Optimisers work to harvest the maximum amount of energy possible, regardless of partial shading, hot weather and soiling to provide your home with more electricity over the system’s lifetime.

SolarEdge HD Wave Genesis

Smarter, Safer Solar From SolarEdge: The Award-Winning HD Wave Solar Inverter

Based on SolarEdge’s HD-Wave technology, the Genesis single-phase inverters from SolarEdge give you a safer and cost-effective solution for your home.

It combines the traditional SolarEdge benefits such as DC-optimised production, advanced safety and long-term warranties with new levels of convenience.

Traditional PV systems consist of PV panels wired together in a series, much like Christmas tree lights. If a single panel underperforms for any reason (cloud-cover, dust or dirt for example), the rest of the panels on that string also underperform, reducing energy production across the whole string.

In a SolarEdge installation, each solar panel is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a power optimiser. Power optimisers maximise solar energy production from each panel separately and therefore reduce power losses.

If an individual panel underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other panels in the string. Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every panel, and exceptional safety features.

Massive SolarEdge Sale On Now – Save Up To $1000

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SolarEdge Solar Systems in Sydney. 3 Great Options For Your System:

1. SolarEdge Systems up to 5kW

All solar systems smaller than 5kW are installed with a single-phase inverter, even if you have three-phase power.

When your solar installation is completed your existing meter needs to be replaced with a new bi-directional solar meter (your energy retailer will typically organise this for you). If you have three-phase power this meter will be a three-phase digital meter, and it will replace your existing meter (or meters if you have three old analogue meters). Typically your new meter will be the Atlas EDMI polyphase meter or similar.

 2. SolarEdge systems from 5kW up to 6.6kW

The energy distributors in Sydney have a regulation that the largest inverter you can install on a house with single-phase power is 5kW. A SolarEdge system can be oversized by around 30%, which means that on a 5kW SolarEdge Inverter, we can install a panel array of up to around 6.6 kW.

By supersizing the panel array, you’re able to maximise system efficiency, as the system reaches its maximum output sooner and then stays there for longer.

By adding additional solar panels to a SolarEdge inverter, your system will generate more power in the morning, reach maximum output sooner, work at maximum output for longer and produce more power later into the afternoon.

The downside is that on the best days of the year, the system’s output will be slightly clipped for a short period of time. By adding panels to your SolarEdge System, you can significantly increase system output and distribute this output more evenly across the day.

In winter and on days when the weather is not ideal for solar, over-sizing the inverter will give you more power across the day as the output will typically not be clipped as illustrated below:

solaredge hd wave performance graph

On the days where some clipping does occur, the loss is, for the most part, made up by the fact that you have more panels outputting more power in the morning and during the afternoon.

Furthermore, the STC government rebate is based on the size of the panel array, not the inverter, so the price of the additional panels is significantly offset by the increased government rebate.

 3. SolarEdge Systems from 6.5kW and up

Revolutionary technology from SolarEdge has completely changed the game for single-phase houses in NSW. Up until recently, it was only possible to install up to 6.6kWs on a single-phase home, however, thanks to export limitation we are now able to install the SolarEdge 8.25kW or 10kW inverter and then limit the amount of excess solar power that is sent out to the grid. This allows us to install larger systems on single-phase homes.

Limiting the amount of excess solar power does not have an impact on the amount of solar power fed into the home.

This allows you to have the full benefit of a larger system, and then any excess solar power that you send out to the grid is limited to 5kWs.

Importantly, most homeowners are now looking at battery storage to further increase the benefit of their system by storing any excess solar power to then use when needed, such as in the evening or on rainy days.

SolarEdge Solar Sale On Now! Install A Smarter, Safer Solar System From Solaray Energy

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solaredge hd wave

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Power Bill

Chart of Solary power bill savings
The Solaray Difference’Cheap Solar’All Solaray SystemsSolaray Smart Solar
Decades of reduced power billsUnsureYesYes
Most efficient solar panelsNoYesYes
Full-service warrantiesNoYesYes
Free technical supportNoYesYes
Whole of system warrantyNoYesYes
Free online monitoringNoYesYes
Back to base status alertsNoYesYes
Easily expandableNoNoYes
Work with partially shaded sitesNoNoYes
Panel-level system outputNoNoYes

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