Sonnen Smart Energy Management

Sonnen Energy Management

Energy Management Software and The Learning Algorithm

The sonnenBatterie takes into consideration all of the crucial information pertaining to your household’s energy usage and processes this information to ensure maximal efficiency. The sonnenBatterie:

  1. Measures your energy usage in real-time
  2. Measures your PV output in real-time
  3. Factors in the day of the week (your varying day to day usage)
  4. Factors in the time of year (varying PV availability)
  5. Uses Weather forecasting (live)
  6. And when necessary, sonnenBatterie looks for time-of-use tariffs to recharge from the grid when energy prices are at their cheapest

This data is then processed through Sonnen’s self-learning algorithm to accurately predict the best time to charge and discharge the battery on a live, ongoing and adaptive basis. For example; if your home uses the most electricity between 6-9 pm, sonnenBatterie will ensure stored solar power is reserved for these hours, even though you may have started discharging electricity at 4 pm.

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Up to 100% Energy Independence with sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat

Imagine not having to pay for electricity! With Sonnen’s new community, sonnenFlat, that wish is now a reality!

sonnenFlat customers pay one small monthly fee that is typically less than what you currently pay for your daily connection fee. Australia’s $0 Energy Community is growing quickly. Find out more about sonnenFlat here

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