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A New Era Of Smart Energy Management

sonnenBatterie – Simply Intelligent

sonnenBatterie is the most comprehensive energy management system on the market today. In fact, no competitors product comes close to matching sonnen’s capabilities.

sonnenBatterie is the first “smart” battery to hit the market. To understand the enormity of this advancement, think back to the revolution of the late 2000’s with the advent of the smart phone. Smart phone technology burst onto the scene and completely outperformed the existing options.  Old phones  were quickly outperformed, stuck performing rudimentary tasks and became obsolete. This change is happening right now in the solar storage market.

The driver behind this revolution is the combination of market leading hardware meeting sonnen’s intelligent learning algorithm.

Existing solar batteries only charge and discharge, and don’t maximise your efficiency.  However, the sonnenBatterie does.

Energy Management Software and Learning Algorithm

The sonnenBatterie takes into consideration all crucial information pertaining to energy usage, and processes this information to ensure you reach maximal efficiency. The sonnenBatterie;

  1. Measures your loads in real time – your usage 
  2. Measures your PV output in real time
  3. Factors in the day of week (your varying day to day usage)
  4. Factors in the time of year (varying PV availability)
  5. Uses Weather forecasting (live)
  6. And when necessary, sonnenBatterie looks for time of use tariffs to charge from the cheapest power rates when PV charging is unavailable.

This data is then processed through sonnen’s self-learning algorithm and accurately predicts the best time to charge and discharge the battery on a live, ongoing and adaptive basis. For example; if your home uses the most electricity between 6-9 pm, sonnenBatterie would ensure electricity is reserved for these hours, even though you may have started discharging electricity at 4 pm. In other words, sonnenBatterie will ensure power is always available from the best source!

For reference, no other solar battery can do what sonnenBatterie can. All competitors batteries blindly charge and discharge when told to do so.

Key finding: You save the most with sonnenBatterie! – Find out more about sonnenBatterie here

Up to 100% Energy Independence with sonnenBatterie and sonnenFlat

Imagine not paying traditional ongoing electricity usage costs when your solar system fails to produce and store enough energy for your needs… With sonnen’s brand new community, sonnenFlat, that wish is now a reality!

sonnenFlat customers pay one small monthly fee which ensures they no longer pay for electricity usage within their allotment. That’s less than what you pay now for your daily connection fee!

Find out more about sonnenFlat here

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sonnen + solar packages

Get your sonnenBatterie and Solar System with one great deal

Not yet solar ready but still would love a sonnenBatterie? Solaray now offer sonnen+solar packages for customers who aren’t yet solar ready. Our package deals provide massive savings to our customers and will have you up and running in no time.

Find out more about sonnen + solar packages

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