Sonnen with Solar Power Package

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Reduce Your Power Bills With A sonnen + Solar Package

A sonnen + solar package includes a fully installed solar power system with a sonnenBatterie, plus access to the sonnenFlat community. The package is designed to take the hassle out of installing a hybrid solar system, and to pass on great savings in the process!

Solar PV 5kW 7kW 10kW 15kW
sonnenBatterie 8 kWh 10 kWh 12 kWh 16 kWh
sonnenFlat Yes Yes Yes No

The 6 Essential Benefits of sonnen

  1. $0 Energy Cost! You no longer pay a traditional electricity bill with sonnenFlat
  2. Eliminate your traditional power bill – That’s right, wave goodbye to traditional bills
  3. Realise the dream of running your home on solar power
  4. You’ll have room to grow with the sonnen + solar package – the sonnenBatterie is expandable
  5. Increase the value of your home: Not only an investment into saving power, but a true value add to your home
  6. A sonnen + solar combo is a step on the way to running your home on clean renewable energy

What’s in a sonnen + Solar Package?

The 4 example packages below all include a brand new sonnenBatterie and a top quality solar power system. To find out about which battery + solar package best fits your household, get in touch with the Solaray Team today by clicking the button below.

Solar PV 5kW 7kW 10kW 15kW
sonnenBatterie 8 kWh 10 kWh 12 kWh 16 kWh
sonnenFlat Yes Yes Yes No

Why sonnenBatterie & sonnenFlat?

The sonnenBatterie with sonnenFlat gives Solaray consumers the most bang for their buck.

Sonnen leads the way with home storage, giving you the ability to reach 100% energy autonomy. In other words, you’ll no longer need to purchase energy from the grid!

Sonnen’s modular design allows for incremental 2kWh battery expansions and a generous selection of storage capacities to choose from, with sizes  between 2kWh-16kWh.

sonnenFlat AustraliasonnenBatterie – The Smart Solar Battery

The sonnenBatterie is the foundation to achieving up to 100% energy autonomy with your solar system. sonnenBatterie is the most sophisticated solar battery on the market today.

sonnenBatterie is a smart battery because it;

  1. Measures your loads in real-time – your usage 
  2. Measures your PV output in real-time
  3. Factors in the day of the week (your varying day to day usage)
  4. Factors in the time of year (varying PV availability)
  5. Uses Weather forecasting (live)

All this data is then processed through Sonnen’s self-learning algorithm and accurately predicts the best time to charge and discharge the battery on a live, ongoing and adaptive basis.

For example; if your home uses the most electricity between 6-9 pm, sonnenBatterie would ensure electricity is reserved for these hours, even though you may have started discharging electricity at 4 pm. In other words, sonnenBatterie will ensure power is always available from a great source.