sonnenFlat – Never Pay a Power Bill Again!

$0 Electricity With sonnenFlat – Never Pay an Electricity Bill Again

sonnenFlat is the exciting new way for households to throw out their power bills. Join the sonnenFlat community and pay $0 for your electricity, once and for all severing their reliance on energy retailers for electricity.

This exciting opportunity means that customers with a sonnenBatterie can sign up to sonnenFlat and pay a pre-determined monthly fee for all their electricity requirements (see the table further below for details).

the price of battery storage

sonnenFlat is an invitation to a renewable energy community

With energy prices continuing to rise, households across Australia are taking matters into their own hands. sonnenFlat is an invitation to a self-sufficient energy driven community where you can enjoy $0 cost for energy.

Instead of paying for electricity from an energy retailer such as AGL or Origin, you can now join the new sonnenFlat network and run your home on clean renewable energy from the sun. The network operates as a free exchange of power between all customers and is managed entirely by sonnen behind the scenes, with no disruption to your energy supply.

Each customer who signs up for sonnenFlat contributes towards the daily exchange of power through their home energy generation.  Sonnen provides free electricity by leveraging the network. To understand how this works in practice, imagine sonnen as a central battery. sonnen charges this battery by collecting small incremental charges from each individual sonnenBatterie in the network. They then distribute this stored energy to customers who are not generating enough power for their individual needs at that time.

As a part of the ecosystem, your household becomes entirely self-sufficient through your contribution to the community.

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How do I join sonnenFlat? 

To qualify for sonnenFlat you must meet the following criteria:

  1. A new or existing solar system (any brand) with a minimum size of 5.0kW or higher
  2. A sonnenBatterie eco 8.8 (8kWh) or above
  3. Successfully register on the sonnen website after your installation
sonnenFlat box

sonnenFlat packages 

Below are the three sonnenFlat packages available in Australia.

The table below shows the minimum size solar system your home requires and the corresponding sized sonnenBatterie.

Depending on which tier you allocate to will determine your yearly flat fee. Prices may change from current rates. 

sonnenFlat 8 sonnenFlat 10 sonnenFlat 12
Minimum solar (kW) 5.0 7.5 10.0
sonnenBatterie eco 8kWh 10kWh 12kWh
Monthly fee $30 $40 $50
Annual spend $360 $480 $600
Consumption allowance in kWh 7500 10000 12500

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