Sydney Businesses Rush to Install Commercial Solar Power as Power Prices Skyrocket

Sydney companies are rushing to install Commercial solar systems as electricity prices continue to rise across NSW. Australia now has some of the most expensive energy tariffs in the world, and many businesses are now realising that solar power is one of the best ways to reduce their energy costs.

As electricity prices continue to rise, the price to install commercial solar power has never been so affordable. Sydney businesses are often well suited to solar power due to our great weather, large empty roof space, and high daytime power usage. Thanks to significant improvements in solar technology with panel-level output and online system monitoring, we are now seeing a wave of interest for commercial solar.

According to the Clean Energy Council, Australia is now the world leader in rooftop solar according to data recently published by the Clean Energy Regulator. More than one in five Australian houses now have solar systems on their roof, delivering 6000 MW of capacity or enough to power 1.8 million homes. We are now starting to see an increase in interest in the commercial solar market, as businesses look to reduce their power bills by utilising what can otherwise be wasted roof space.

Installing a commercial solar power system is a lot easier than what most people think. There are very few hurdles to jump through, and by partnering with a leading solar power installer such as Solaray, we can take care of the paperwork including your grid connect application, claiming your government incentives and notifying your retailer.

Jonathan Fisk, Solaray director and industry expert said we are expecting to see a new wave of solar installations after the latest power price increases.

“Many businesses in NSW are seeing their power bills continue to rise, and they will often be well suited to solar power. If you own a large open roof and your business uses a lot of power during the daytime, it will probably make good financial sense to install solar power.

“The cost of solar power is typically below 10 cents a kWh, and many businesses pay a lot more than this for power from the grid. Not only can you improve the environmental footprint of your business, you can often save significant money on your short to medium term energy costs.”

So just how much can you save? Well, that depends on the price you pay for electricity, as every kWh of clean energy you generate from your solar system is a kWh your business doesn’t need to buy from the grid. The more solar power you use, the less you pay.

A 10kW solar system installed in Sydney will generate around 40 kWh a day, averaged out across the year. If you use all of this power, you could save around $2,200 a year if you pay 15 cents a kWh, or close to $3000 a year if you pay 20 cents per kWh.

As the price of a commercial solar power system continues to fall, the ROI can become very attractive for Sydney businesses, and in many cases well under 5 years. What’s more, a commercial solar system can be cashflow positive from day 1.

Talk to the Solaray Energy Commercial Team today for more information about how we can significantly reduce your power prices (and environmental footprint) with solar power:

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