The Tesla Gigafactory goes live in Nevada

Tesla have recently gone live at their Gigafactory in Nevada and are now mass producing the battery cells that are being used in the Tesla Powerwall 2. This is exciting news and it is great to see that the opening of the factory is on schedule.

The Tesla Gigafactory is a part of Elon Musk’s plan to rethink how factories work and to increase efficiencies of scale that will help push down the cost of manufacturing, calling it “building the machine that makes the machine.” Musk expects that factories of the future will be able to operate 3 to 10 faster than we can today.

Tesla Gigafactory 2170 cell production. “faster than bullets from a machine gun” @elonmusk #yearofthemodel3

— Model 3 Owners Club (@Model3Owners) January 5, 2017

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