Tesla Powerwall 2 With Solar Power: Package Price in Australia

Tesla Powerwall With A Solar Power System: Great Package Deals Now On Sale

Tesla Powerwall can be purchased in a variety of all-inclusive solar packages to have you generating and storing your own energy in no time!

Do you already have solar power? Click here for more information about retrofitting a Tesla Powerwall 2: Retrofit Tesla Powerwall 2

Our two solar & battery storage packages include Tesla Powerwall Home Storage & a top-quality solar system featuring REC Solar Panels.

Tesla Powerwall With Solar: Save up to $1,600 With Our Package Deals:

6.6kW System: Premium REC Solar Panels powered by Enphase, plus Tesla Powerwall:

Save $1400!

10kW System: Premium REC Solar Panels powered by Enphase, plus Tesla Powerwall:

Save $1600!

Hurry, first 50 customers only, while stocks last:

Our Tesla Powerwall Packages Include:

  • Premium REC Panels
  • Integrated Battery Storage from Tesla
  • Immediate installs only
  • A Fast-Tracked Installation to have you saving money sooner
  • Technical support from Australia’s Leading Smart Solar Installer
  • Full-service warranties
  • Free online monitoring for the life of your system
  • Solaray’s famous hassle-free installation service

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Say Goodbye To Your Power Bills

It’s now possible to get a top-quality solar system to completely eliminate your power bills for decades, providing greater energy independence and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

By adding a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery to your solar system, you’ll be investing in technology that is saving Solaray customers tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their system.

Powerwall 2 customers take full advantage of the solar power their system produces by storing excess solar power to then use during the times you would otherwise be buying power from the grid, such as during the evening.

Why Choose a Tesla + Solar Package?

Integrating battery storage comes loaded with benefits:

  • Say goodbye to your power bill – we can show you just how other households now get a credit each quarter from their energy retailer
  • Backup power during a blackout, plus Tesla Powerwall will recharge from the solar system during the day even when the grid is down
  • Add significant value to your home or investment property
  • If you demand a great user experience, Tesla Powerwall 2 gives you the ability to self-monitor through IOS and Android applications. You choose when you use your electricity for the best savings
  • When you want the best for your home, that’s exactly what you’ll get with a solar & storage package

How Powerwall 2 works 

Tesla Powerwall 2 is an all-in-one solution that uses an internal inverter to convert DC energy to the AC energy required for your home, lowering cost and complexity. The liquid thermal control system regulates Powerwall’s internal temperature to maximize battery performance in any climate.

Powerwall 2 will be the most affordable home battery in terms of cost per kWh and will economically meet the daily energy needs of most homes.

With a capacity of 13.5 kWh, Powerwall 2 has sufficient capacity to power most households through the evening hours. Tesla Energy provides a 10-year workmanship warranty and like all warranties serviced by Solaray, we offer full support and free full-replacement service as a part of our Platinum Service Package. This extra support is what sets Solaray apart and why thousands of households across Australia have trusted Solaray for their solar and storage installations.

Deciding to buy Tesla Powerwall 2 from Solaray is a vote for a clean future. You are directly helping to grow Australia’s renewable energy industry in a country that is still dominated by coal and gas. As one of Australia’s leading independent solar installers, by choosing Solaray you are also helping to support Australian business as we take up the fight to develop our renewable energy industry.

The Solaray Team will give you the information you need to make an informed decision and ensure that solar storage will be the right fit for your home. When you decide to proceed with an installation, we only use accredited CEC installers and we pride ourselves on our industry-leading installation standards and our comprehensive support package that includes free support and a full-replacement warranty service at no cost to our customers.

How does Powerwall 2  work with Solar? 

As you can see below, Powerwall 2 and Solar work together to collect and store your self generated electricity, which minimises your reliance on the grid for energy. Powerwall 2’s optional back-up capability even allows the user to use stored electricity even when the grid is down. This will ensure you can keep a few vital appliances going during a blackout.

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