Join The Tesla VPP – Australia’s Largest Virtual Power Plant

What is a Virtual Power Plant?

Tesla Dimensions

The Tesla Virtual Power Plant is a network of homes like yours that share clean solar energy with the grid to help prevent outages, increase clean energy access and lower energy costs for you and your community.

Our world-leading technology optimises the energy stored in your Powerwall to meet your home’s energy needs and support the grid when it’s needed most. In return, you receive a competitive energy rate, feed-in-tariffs and Grid Support Credits (1).

Join the Tesla Virtual Power Plant today by signing up to the Tesla Energy Plan with Solaray Energy. Call the Team today on 1300 525 451.

Why Join the Tesla Virtual Power Plant?

The Tesla Virtual Power Plant allows you to maximise your energy savings through flexible Time-of-Use rates.

By monitoring and managing your Powerwall, Tesla’s technology helps ensure your home is always powered by the most cost-effective energy source.

This helps reduces your energy bill while increasing access to cleaner, energy throughout your community.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Access to Australia’s largest Virtual Power Plant purpose-built for Powerwall
  • Extended Powerwall warranty of up to 15 years (2)
  • Monthly Grid Support Credits1
  • $1,000 Powerwall Credit for new owners (3)
  • No lock-in contract energy plan
  • Minimum of 20% backup reserves in Powerwall during a grid outage
  • Access to carbon-neutral energy at no additional cost

Benefits of the Tesla Energy Plan

Eligibility Criteria


To Join You Must:

  • Own or have purchased Powerwall
  • Be a resident of South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory or Queensland
  • Have a Smart Meter installed or agree to have one installed at your home
  • Have an internet connection (Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection)
  • Have an operating solar system under 15kW, per Powerwall
  • Be a residential customer

Terms & Conditions:

1 Receive $220 (incl. GST) in grid support bill credits each year for each Powerwall you have connected. The applicable portion of the $220 (incl. GST) in grid support bill credits will be calculated daily and appear as a credit on your bill each month.

2 5 years extended warranty offer applies when you purchase a new Powerwall and connect to the Tesla Energy Plan and remain connected to the Tesla Energy Plan throughout the warranty term. Existing Powerwall owners are eligible to receive 5 years extended warranty on Powerwall upon joining the Tesla Energy Plan by 30 September 2022. If you leave the Tesla Energy Plan, your 5-year extended warranty will be removed and your only remaining warranty will be the standard Tesla Powerwall Warranty.

3 New Tesla Powerwall owners that choose the Tesla Energy Plan within 30 days of install are eligible to earn $1,000 in Powerwall Credits (incl GST). Credits are available to offset electricity charges and may not be withdrawn or converted into cash. You can receive Credits worth $500 in months 3 and 13 after your transfer date. While you can change plans at any time, if you leave the Tesla Energy Plan, you will forfeit any remaining Powerwall Credits. This offer is only available for new Powerwall owners; additional Powerwall purchases do not create eligibility for additional Credits.

4 When you connect to the Tesla Energy Plan with your existing Powerwall you will receive a once-off Welcome Credit of $100 (incl GST) applied to your Tesla Energy Plan account. The $100 (incl GST) credit will be applied at month 3 after your transfer date. Welcome Credit is available to offset electricity charges and may not be withdrawn or converted into cash. Offer only available to customers who already own a Powerwall and transfer their electricity to the Tesla Energy Plan.

5 Each cycle corresponds to 13.5kWh discharged from your Powerwall to the grid directly. Customers in the Ausgrid Distribution Network (NSW) may experience higher battery cycling in order to take advantage of the higher Feed in Tariffs available between 2pm and 8pm. Ausgrid customers can learn more here. Tesla Energy Plan is delivered in partnership with licenced energy retailer Energy Locals Pty Ltd, ABN 23606408879

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