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  1. I got 16 panel fitted on my roof 5 years ago, what I need is battery n off grid inverter send me quote???

    1. Hi Kali,

      Thank you for your enquiry for solar storage. We will be in touch shortly to go through your options.

  2. […] to pay up to around $7,000 for the latest high-efficiency panels and panel level output using Enphase MicroInverters or SolarEdge. This is after a government incentive of around $2000 and it is fully installed and […]

  3. […] of the rest of the array. We are currently selling around 80% of our systems with either Enphase or SolarEdge technology, and one of the key advantages is that you can add panels in the future […]

  4. Whether the micro inverter is suitable for a large area of installation (around 200acre).how will the micro inverter works for such a large span of area?

    1. Hi Jeba,
      Enphase has a solution for large-scale solar, and there are a couple other options that you might like to consider. Please call us on 1300 221 586 and ask to talk to our commercial solar team so we can run through the options.

  5. Hey guys I’ve had you install 19 panels with the enphase microinverters and was wondering if it was possible to install a couple more ? Currently single phase home

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