The All Energy Conference 2015 – Exciting Times are Ahead

The All Energy Exhibition and Conference is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive Clean & Renewable Energy Exhibition.

The buzz at the conference was incredible, it was a totally different mood to even just three months ago. The political environment has changed, it was upbeat and there is a new sense of excitement with so many new products soon to hit the Australian market; in particular energy management, storage and small-scale wind.

Australia: Your Solar Future is Looking Bright

Australia has seen a massive uptake of solar with over 1.4 million households now powered by a solar system. But there is a real sense that the biggest uptake is yet to come as the addition of solar to a household energy mix makes more sense than ever. Add in solar storage and wind power, and it’s clear that renewable energy is going to be a large part of our future energy mix.

Keynote speakers included Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, with the labour party committing to taking a target of 50% renewable energy by 2030 to the next election. But it was the Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt that impressed the most with a total change in mood towards renewable energy, with Hunt declaring that “we need our politics to keep up with our people” and that “storage is the new black.”

Tweet: Storage is the new black @GregHuntMP @SolarayEnergy

What is the future of the grid?

There were robust discussions around utilities and what future does the grid have with the massive uptake of solar just starting.

Hunt stated in his speech (and on Lateline) that renewable energy and storage will help reduce power prices as integrated storage capacity will help smooth the load on the grid. For me, this exemplifies the change in mood in Canberra, after the industry has been fighting off a reduction of the Clean Energy Target by Tony Abbott for over a year now.

Greg Hunt filled the room with many more people standing around the sides. 3 months ago, it would be questionable if a member of Abbott’s cabinet would have even shown up.

Energy Management: The Game Changer

Battery technology was what everyone was talking about and there will be dozens of solutions hitting the market over the coming years.

From panel manufacturers like Trina Solar to inverter and electronics companies such as ABB, and of course the two big players Enphase and Tesla. But even more than Energy Storage, it is Energy Management that will be the game-changer. The Envoy-S by Enphase will be at the forefront of this incredible wave of smart solar and energy management technology.

Integrated, efficient and reliable, the Enphase storage solution combines solar generation, storage and load management technologies into one solution that is about to hit Australia’s shores over the coming months.

The future really is looking bright for our industry and at Solaray we are very excited to be leading the change. If you want to join the Solar Revolution, click the ‘Online Solar Power Quote’ button below to get a free quote:

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