Are they Really Going to Tax the Sun? Busting the Australian Solar Tax Myth


So a lot of people ask us about the sun tax. There’s a few really important things there.

Firstly is, it’s just a potential idea at the moment. So, it may or may not happen and in fact, it’s quite unlikely to happen.

Secondly, if it does happen, it’s at least three or many more years away.

The third thing is, according to all our research if it does happen, it may mean that some customers, for some hours, on some days of the year may just get a slight reduction in their feed in tariff. Stuff were seeing saying of about 2 cents per kilowatt hour but in return, they’re likely to get a higher feed in tariff during peak times, for example, four o’clock in the afternoon in summer.

So, ultimately we think it’s unlikely to happen. The impact is likely to be negligible and in fact, many customers may even be better off with it. Last thing and probably the most important is, if you have a solar battery or a smart system, it’s really not going to affect you anyway.

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