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Summer is the season of reality checks for Aussies when it comes to powering our homes. The need to rethink our reliance on the grid grows with every shocking power bill we receive, and more and more people are moving to solar power to both save money and reduce their reliance on a predominately coal & gas powered grid. If you’re looking for an expert solar power installer in Melbourne, you’ve come to the right place.

Smarter solar technologies are now redefining the market, giving households more control over the cost of their electricity—both in carbon emissions and dollar amounts. Solaray has been in the solar power game for over 10 years and leads the pack when it comes to system quality, battery storage and energy management.

Why quality is the only way to go

You may have come across a solar offer or two with great-looking prices—but once installed, the future of a cheap system often isn’t pretty. A good solar power system is an investment that can earn you tens of thousands over its lifetime: a 5kW system can earn you as much as $50,000 in profits across 25 years. To get that value, however, your system needs to keep performing year after year.

That’s why Solaray installations come with a Platinum Service Package as standard. Every installation is backed up by full-service warranties from manufacturers that are true market leaders. Plus we offer free technical support, industry-leading personal customer service, 5 years of whole system retailer’s warranty, and a full 10-year workmanship guarantee. You’ll also get free online monitoring capabilities so that you can track your system’s performance over time. Solaray’s smart solar systems also feature Back to Base Status Alerts, which means the Solaray technical team will know if something goes wrong.

Poorly made and installed systems can also become a hazard, so it’s important for your safety that your solar power installer has a track record of quality and after-sales support. Solaray’s installers are all Clean Energy Council Accredited and fully trained with our products—but more than that, we consider them to be the best in the industry. They’ll perform safety checks on every system they install, so you can have confidence in this great addition to your home.

Solaray are the Smart Solar & Storage Experts

Solaray Sale On Now – Plus Ask About Free System Monitoring

How would it feel to reduce your power bills to under $100 a quarter?

We now have many customers like Peter, essentially running their home on solar power 24/7:

“I am pleased to be able to say that the system has worked flawlessly since commissioning and has exceeded my expectations. Our last monthly bill was $10.53 – same bill was $198.79 (2015) and $163.67 (2016)”

As one of the largest and most experienced independent solar & storage companies in Australia, Solaray is the best choice to ensure a smooth and expertly configured installation.

All Solaray Installations come with the following features as standard:

  • Fully installed price with no hidden charges
  • Full-service warranties
  • Free technical support (worth many hundreds of dollars, included free of charge)
  • Solaray organise all of the paperwork including the government rebate
  • 10-year workmanship guarantee
  • Industry-leading installation standards and customer support
  • Expert System Design by our technicians – we are the Smart Solar Experts

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Power That’s Personal

The best solar system for your household or business is the one that’s set up to meet your needs. Your Solaray system comes with Expert System Design by our technicians, and design review by our in-house team to make sure it meets all requirements.

To make absolutely sure you’re kept in the loop we allocate you a Personal Planner and Technical Coordinator who’ll be your contacts throughout the process, answering any questions you have and keeping you up to date with when and how your installation happens—there’ll be no call centres when you buy your system from us.

During installation, your Solaray system is subject to performance testing by our installers to make sure it’s configured for the maximum benefit to you. We’re even here to take care of the Grid Connection paperwork for you. It’s all this and more that makes us a top choice of solar power installer for Melbourne homes and businesses.

Power That’s Smart

With the latest generation of solar power, you can do so much more than install a system and hope things work out. Rapid advances in battery storage and energy management technologies give you more insight and control when it comes to how your system is performing across the day. Your Solaray system comes with output expectations and online monitoring so you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your home and your solar system’s output in real time.

Solaray leads the market in solar energy storage solutions with a number of battery options for households large and small, including the take-home version of Elon Musk’s famous South Australian mega battery: the Tesla Powerwall 2. The ability to save the power you’ve generated to use overnight opens up the possibility of running on solar 24/7 and no longer needing to pay for any electricity!

Make Things Happen Today

Many of us don’t have the cash for a quality solar system just sitting around—but that doesn’t mean you can’t start reaping the benefits of solar now. There is a range of manageable financing options available for those looking to avoid a large upfront cost for installation: Solar Power Finance Options

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Solaray have solar solutions from small residential solar systems to large commercial scale installations across Australia

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We Guarantee Quality

As one of the largest and most experienced independent Solar Companies in Australia, Solaray are the best choice to ensure a smooth and expertly configured installation.

We offer a 100% guarantee on our installations, plus our systems come with a comprehensive 25 year power output warranty on the panels, full replacement warranties on the inverter and a 10 year warranty on the mounting kit.

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We Offer Comprehensive Service

Solaray are ranked in the top 5 solar companies in Australia. Have a look at our Platinum Service Guide to find out why. Our customer care, warranties and service standards set us apart from the competition.

With back to base monitoring on all of our micro inverter systems, you are in safe hands 7 days a week. Solaray’s technical team monitor output, performance and system status in real time to minimise downtime and maximise performance.

Our customers have exclusive access to Solaray’s customer support website as well as a direct line for technical support.

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