What Makes Us The Best Solar Power Installer in Sydney?

Australia's Best Enphase solar power Installer

Why Do We Rank As The #1 Solar Installer In Australia?

Solaray has been awarded Australia’s installer of the year by Enphase 5 years in a row

Solaray was awarded Australia’s installer of the year by LG Solar 4 years in a row

Solaray is ranked #1 In Australia based on customer feedback from all Enphase Customers

With Australia’s sunny climate and increasing focus on renewable energy, more and more homeowners and businesses are turning to solar power. But with so many solar installers in Sydney, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

The Solaray Team pride itself on being Australia’s leading installer of top-quality solar & storage systems, so it’s a great honour to be recognised by Enphase Customers as the leading solar installer in Australia. Here’s what we think you should look for when choosing a solar installer in Sydney.

  1. Experience and Reputation – Look for a solar installer with a proven track record and a good reputation in the industry. A trusted and experienced installer will have the skills and knowledge to ensure a successful installation and provide you with the peace of mind that you have the right solution for your needs.
  2. High-Quality Products – Make sure the solar installer you choose uses high-quality, reliable products that meet industry standards. It’s also important to look for an installer that offers a warranty on their installation (on top of the product warranties), so you’re protected in case of any issues.
  3. Customised Solutions – Not all solar systems are created equal, and it’s important to choose a solar installer that offers customised solutions for your specific needs. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your solar investment and achieve your energy goals. You may notice that a lot of installers only want to sell 6.6kW package deals, for example.
  4. Professionalism and Customer Service – Look for a solar installer that is professional, knowledgeable, and customer-focused. A good installer will take the time to understand your needs and provide you with the information and support you need to make an informed decision.
  5. Affordable Pricing – While it’s important to choose a high-quality solar installer, it’s also important to consider the cost. Look for an installer that offers competitive pricing, and make sure you understand the full cost of the installation, including any additional fees or costs.

In conclusion, choosing the right solar installer in Sydney is an important decision that will affect your energy costs and your overall satisfaction with your solar investment. By considering these factors and working with a trusted and experienced installer, you can ensure a successful installation and enjoy the benefits of solar power for years to come.

Based on this advice, we have developed The Solaray Promise. These principles aren’t just marketing spin, it’s what all of us here at Solaray believe in and work towards every day:

  1. No high-pressure sales, just great advice. Our experts will provide you with all the information you need to find the perfect system for your home or business.
  2. Talk with real people on your terms. Whether you prefer a phone call, a home visit or an email, we are here to help.
  3. High-quality products. Solaray only works with the best products available to maximise output, reliability and longevity.
  4. Solar that looks as good as it performs. Scroll down to see some of our install pics – from neat cabling to perfect rows of panels, we want your solar system to look amazing
  5. Industry-leading install standards. In over 10 years we have never had to remove or replace a system because it wasn’t working.
  6. Fast & friendly customer support. Our support team is local (no call centres) and the best in the business. All Solaray installations come with full technical support and warranty service. In the unlikely event that there is a problem – we always fix it. This level of service is something almost no other solar installer offers and it is why we are awarded by the world’s leading solar companies as the best installer in Australia, year after year.
  7. All of this at the most competitive pricing available in the industry!
Australia's Largest Enphase Installer Award

It’s Never Been More Important To Choose The Right Solar Installer

The solar power industry is currently in a price war. You’d think this would be great for the consumer, but it has been a total disaster.

The solar industry is currently plagued with smooth-talking salesmen who talk up cheap solar systems, or even worse, promote the cheaper pricing that comes from cutting corners as a great discount.

It’s very easy in the solar industry to strip $500-$1000 out of an installation. It’s even easier to sell this as a ‘discount’, especially on a system with good quality brands.

From faulty systems to leaking roofs, cost-cutting can often cost households thousands of dollars to fix…

And when we say faulty systems, we aren’t talking about a solar panel underperforming slightly. It’s a lot worse than what most people would imagine.

We are getting dozens of calls a week at the moment from people desperately looking for help to get their system fixed… or even to get them working.

The bad news for many of these households is the money it costs to fix a bad install is typically thousands of dollars – a lot more than the money they saved by going with the cheapest quote.

Solaray Smart Solar Sale On Now

How would it feel to reduce your power bills to under $100 a quarter?

We now have many customers like Peter, essentially running their home on solar power 24/7:

“I am pleased to be able to say that the system has worked flawlessly since commissioning and has exceeded my expectations. Our last monthly bill was $10.53 – the same bill in previous years was $198.79 and $163.67.”

As one of the largest and most experienced independent solar & storage companies in Australia, Solaray is the best choice to ensure a smooth and expertly configured installation.

All Solaray Installations come with the following features as standard:

  • Premium Solar Panels from Q Cells or REC Solar
  • Fully installed price with no hidden charges
  • Full-service warranties
  • Free technical support (worth many hundreds of dollars, included free of charge)
  • Solaray organise all of the paperwork including the government rebate
  • 10-year workmanship guarantee
  • Industry-leading installation standards and customer support
  • Expert System Design by our technicians – we are the Smart Solar Experts

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Solaray Energy – The Leading Solar Panel Company in Sydney

Smart solar power, solar storage, and home automation are redefining the status quo in Australia’s Energy Market, placing power firmly back in the hands of the consumer.

Solaray has been at the forefront of one of the most exciting transitions in the history of the solar industry.

Recognising the solar industry was about to be tipped on its head, Solaray made the strategic decision to transition from a solar power installer to a provider of smart energy management technology that incorporates future-proof solar power systems, cloud-based monitoring, back-to-base system status alerts, home automation, and of course, battery storage.

Solaray is now one of the leading independent installers of residential solar & storage systems in Australia and was recently recognised as a key market player in the Microinverter and Battery Market over the coming years until 2023, by Transparency Market Research.

Solaray has now installed several highly-publicised solar storage installations including the first Enphase battery storage system in Australia, a number of the first Tesla Powerwall 1 batteries, the largest residential Enphase battery system in Australia with 12 x AC modules, and The Stucco Project; a groundbreaking 42.3kW solar storage solution for a student housing complex in Newtown, Sydney.

With the price of electricity continuing to skyrocket, the next few years are set to be an exciting time for the solar industry as Australian households and businesses recognise the potential of smart solar power, solar storage, and home automation as an effective way to reduce their power bills and their carbon footprint.

Talk to the Solaray Team today for pricing and personalised advice. We are available on 1300 525 451.

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